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Girl’s Room: The 3 Best New Songs From Female Artists

December 14th, 2015

Girl’s Room: The 3 Best New Songs From Female Artists


It’s December, which means we’re in the thick of the annual “best of” list deluge (including our own!), but we’ve got another kind of list for you today: three female artists you need to know about before 2015 becomes but a browned-out memory in a sea of Drake.

These ladies, Tei Shi, Madeira and Zora Jones, all dropped some really amazing releases after the “best of” frenzy was at its frenziest earlier this month, but we think they deserve some recognition of their own regardless.

Check out their late-year masterpieces:

1) Tei Shi

Argentinian singer Tei Shi‘s music sounds like a dream – a really steamy one where you awkwardly wake up in the heat of the moment and you hope to Shiva that you weren’t doing something embarrassing like moaning in your sleep. This year, she released an EP – The Verde EP – and guess what? It landed on a Top 50 albums list this year (for Gorilla vs. Bear). Check out her new spacey video for “Get It” above.

2) Madeira

There isn’t much to know about Madeira yet; it’s a side project from Kim Pflaum (formerly of Yumi Zouma), and she’s already received an endorsement from the almighty music prophet and heartthrob Ryan Hemsworth. But judging from her first and only song, Madeira is going to be something to look forward to. “Let Me Down” is a song with sentimental lyrics, but it sounds like anything but – think lush, rich beats; it’s very unsurprising actually that Hemsworth would be feeling this. Stay tuned, ’cause we definitely are.

3) Zora Jones

Most of my days, I’m walking around not really certain of anything. But one thing I definitely know: Zora Jones is the shit. Zora Jones is supreme, and if you didn’t know this truth from her Fractal Fantasy collabs with Sinjin Hawke, you’ll certainly hear it in her EP, 100 Ladies. “First Light” is a track from it, and it sounds like walking through the inside of my computer. Some Tron shit here, guys (the first film, though). Zora’s sound is dynamic, complex, and not to sound Pitchfork-pretentiously, but it’s like unraveling a metallic rose, and each petal is a layer deeper into an electronic prism. No. No, I definitely have not been smoking anything.

There … now you all have conversation starters at your next party. Got any more female suggestions? Hit us up in the comments.

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