A-Trak and Jamie Lidell’s New Track “We All Fall Down” Goes Hard

September 17th, 2015

A-Trak and Jamie Lidell’s New Track “We All Fall Down” Goes Hard

There’s a certain aesthetic and feeling I’ve come to expect from an A-Trak track (heh), a sonic John Hancock that sets himself apart from other producers. It’s a genuine feel-good frame, one that reminds me of jumping around on my bed in my underwear in the early 2000s despite what my mother told me, and that same buoyant feeling is as strong as ever on his new track “We All Fall Down.”

Here’s the radio rip … full track is down below.

A-Trak just premiered the track with vocals by Jamie Lidell. Poppy, catchy, and flat out fun as shiiiit, “We All Fall Down” sounds like a peak-of-the-night anthem. The tune carries itself as a 90s-reminscent dance song, but Lidell’s vocals blast it into modernity. Together, they fit like puzzle pieces, and you don’t realize how much better the picture looks until they’re snugly together in your headphones.

A-Trak‘s been busy AF (he’s just gotten off tour from Gold Gone Wild AND his annual Fool’s Gold Day Off events), but it’s cool to see he’s still thinking of us and dropping tunes. #Squad, man.

Listen to the full version …

… And here’s the lyric video if y’all are into karaoke: