Austin Party Weekend Day 3 Recap: HAM ON EVERYTHING + Secret Songs

March 27th, 2015

Austin Party Weekend Day 3 Recap: HAM ON EVERYTHING + Secret Songs

Day 3 of Austin Party Weekend could not have been more yin and yang, just like your lower back tattoo.

Outside on the big stage, we had HAM ON EVERYTHING’s showcase. Currently, there exists no English word to describe how wild that was, so we’ll just make one up: “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.” If you have Merriam Webster’s personal number, please forward it to us.

At HAM’s show, the standout was definitely Keith Ape, the Korean trap crew that had literally everyone screaming along to their track “It G Ma.” The other artists killed it too, but since they all shared the stage for most of the show, we can’t really single any of them out for accolades; we can only say that if you were onstage at APW for the HAM showcase, holy fuck. The energy and the passion were felt deeply, yo.

In diametric contrast to the HAM insanity outside was the thoughtfully curated Secret Songs showcase, a project of Ryan Hemsworth who himself stepped onstage to slay his own set. Ryan’s show reminded us of the first time you and 33 of your closest friends rented out a warehouse for your first-ever DJ show; it was intimate, experimental, and made you want to dance and sway like you didn’t have a 10-page bio paper due the next day. Live free or die.

Of mentionable importance was the fact that it rained with the same terrestrial fury as it must’ve when the earth was forming, but no one cared. Everyone’s hair got fucked up and everyone took it like a man/lady.

Relive the highlights of the daytime shows below, or head over to Facebook for the full gallery.


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Photo Credit: Rony’s Photobooth

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