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Club IHC: S-Type, Obey City, Neo Fresco, Heathered Pearls, LNL

September 25th, 2015

Club IHC: S-Type, Obey City, Neo Fresco, Heathered Pearls, LNL

This Saturday we got another taste of some international talent at ClubIHC. Late Night Laggers brought the energy as per usual, warming us up with some heavy club, a few vicious trap remixes, and some much needed footwork (RIP Rashad).

Heathered Pearls came through and blew everyone away with a multitude of seductive tech-house numbers. His smoky synths played over the club scene from Basic Instinct transported my soul to some dingy warehouse in Detroit circa 1992. Needless to say, I loved every minute of it. Keep an eye out for this dude, v. impressive!

Up next, Neo Fresco eased us from the sensual techno into a thugged out trap set. Every now and then he’d switch it up and play some Gesaffelstein which was welcomed by all. Not a single person in the crowd wasn’t getting buck at this point.

Obey City brought the luscious jersey club #vibes, giving the us a little time to get sensual with that special someone. He laid down some pretty mellow slow jams but knew when to revert back to some more aggressive textures.

Finally, Lucky Me’s secret weapon S-Type graced the stage. The Glaswegian producer cranked up the energy right out of the gate with a crazy trap medley including bangers from HudMo, Lil’ Wayne, and Sophie. His set never lagged once, reaching it’s climax when he played the ever-popular Lido remix to his single “Billboard.” The only other time I’ve cried while doing the trap arms dance was when Lido himself played that song; this time was no different.

Special shout out to everyone who came through. Make sure you don’t miss the next Club IHC on Oct. 15th featuring Toyboy & RobinDurante, and more!


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