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Club IHC: Stooki Sound, Promnite, Astronomar, Madeaux, VenessaMichaels, LNL – IHEARTCOMIX Club IHC: Stooki Sound, Promnite, Astronomar, Madeaux, VenessaMichaels, LNL – IHEARTCOMIX

Club IHC: Stooki Sound, Promnite, Astronomar, Madeaux, VenessaMichaels, LNL

September 9th, 2015

Club IHC: Stooki Sound, Promnite, Astronomar, Madeaux, VenessaMichaels, LNL

This past Friday marked one of the rowdiest Club IHCs we’ve seen to date. The Late Night Laggers posse set it off on the Echoplex patio, warming us up with some soulful house tunes. They proceeded to dominate the outdoor scene for the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, VenessaMichaels set the mood inside on the main stage, serenading us with a slew of melodic trap remixes and unreleased club edits of early ’00s R&B classics. Aside from playing a super fun set, Venessa’s stage presence was refreshing to watch. It was obvious she was having more fun than anyone else in the room, which says a lot considering nearly every one in attendance was either jumping up and down to the beat or grinding vigorously on the person in front of them. It was my first time seeing her perform and I think it’s safe to say she went from being my URL crush to my IRL crush.

venessamichaels club ihc echoplex

LNL club ihc echoplex

Before long, Fool’s Gold wünderkind Madeaux (oh, you mean Andrew?) took over the decks. Having just released his New Wav EP, the recent A-Trak collaborator’s set was jam-packed with original tracks, a testament to his wicked skills as a producer. Madeaux’s stoic demeanor behind the decks was a stark contrast to the aggressive synths and distorted bass which characterized his set. The Miami native even managed to throw in a little Latin flavor from time to time, causing everyone to shake their culos like it was a 2 Live Crew concert.

madeaux club ihc echoplex

By now, the club was packed and it was Astronomar‘s turn to tear shit up. The Main Course co-founder wasted no time, unleashing a vicious 808-heavy house intro before diving into a colorful set filled with booty, trap, club, and techno. I love me some four-on-the-floor just as much as anyone, trussmedaddi! However, I was both surprised and wayyy stoked to hear so much hip hop coming from the tech-house champ. Thx Astronomar, u da real MVP!

astronomar club ihc echoplex

Speaking of hip hop, Promnite came thru next and absolutely murdered, as usual. He opened with a funky ass Drake flip I had never heard, immediately demanding everyone’s attention. From there it was nothing but heavy-hitting trap remixes, including one of my all-time faves–his jazzy edit of Denzel Curry’s “Threatz”. In fact, at one point during the night, I thought I saw Denzel Curry standing behind me. It turned out to be Eric Andre instead so I gave him a “BIRD UP!” and he shouted it back at me. We high fived and from then on we were homies asf for the night. But I digress…

promnite club ihc echoplex

After bringing out fellow Athletixx crew member, Falcons, for a little b2b action, the two of them took turns laying down club heaters and hyping up the crowd in preparation for what was to come.

Alas, UK duo Stooki Sound took the stage. The Londoners opened with a face-melting trap drop and within seconds a full-on mosh pit had formed in the middle of the dance floor (go figure). For the next hour or so, they played every trap anthem from the past two years you could ever hope to hear, peppering their set with a handful of UK grime tracks. The Stooki boys even brought our girl VenessaMichaels back out for a lil’ victory lap towards the end of their set.

stooki sound club ihc echoplex 2

stooki sound club ihc echoplex crowd

stooki sound club ihc echoplex

It goes without saying, but this past Club IHC was huge. Be sure to catch the next one Friday Sept. 18th featuring S-TypeObey City, and more!

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