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Com Truise presents: CYP2 Mixtape

February 25th, 2013

Com Truise presents: CYP2 Mixtape

Today, The Fader released the latest exclusive CYP2 mixtape, compiled by none other than CYP2 alumini, Com Truise. For his second mix of the series, Com Truise takes us on a funked out synthetic journey with enough calculated arpeggiations and sensual analog classics that are sure to get the vibe going for tomorrow’s sold out CYP2. Check out the mix and we’ll see you tomorrow the return of Com Truise, performing with XXYYXX, Giraffage, and Penthouse Penthouse.

Com Truise mixtape artwork

1. 26
2. Trevor Bastow – L.A. Sunrise
3. Dave Monolith – Zunker
4. DMX Krew – When The Going Gets Weird
5. S. May – Tops on TV
6. Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Mexican Brass
7. Howard Johnson – Let This Dream Be Real
8. Collage – Romeo, Where’s Juliet
9. Keith Mansfield – Brain Damage
10. R.E.M – Computer Communication
11. Dharma – Plastic Doll
12. Paul Hardcastle – Central Park
13. Phil Famous – Macrochip
14. Errol Reid – Crosstalk
15. One Way – Don’t Stop
16. Com Truise – CT11-4 (Old Demo)


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