#Confesses: Gold Panda Reveals 5 Juicy Secrets About Himself

June 1st, 2016

#Confesses: Gold Panda Reveals 5 Juicy Secrets About Himself

Gold Panda, the UK-based electronic musician is a man with something to say. Five somethings, to be exact. Five somethings his 5.68 million Soundcloud fans and followers might want to hear, because as of right now, he’s told exactly none of these things to anybody yet.

That’s right, honey sweetie babies. We’ve got five exclusive secrets about the man himself that no one else knows except him, you and us … and now … well. everyone.

musician gold panda

We got in contact with the main man himself and after a few “pretty pleases” and our signature IHEARTCOMIX smile which looks like this, he gave up five of his top secrets, so that you can get to know him just that much better.

On a less covert level, his third album, Good Luck and Do Your Best just dropped via Berlin-based record label City Slang, and LA fans will be pleased to hear he’s playing at the Echoplex June 2nd. He also just released this video for the album’s standout track, “Chiba Nights.” Check it out below, and scroll down to learn some of Gold Panda’s secret-iest secrets.

1) How I lied to the internet about my name.

If you scan the internet for news items and similar about Gold Panda you will often see me referenced as Derwin Schlecker. This is not my name. About five years ago I was living in Germany. I used to go to a shop which was a CVS-style pharmacy called Schlecker. I’d just moved into a flat so I was going there often to buy cleaning products. My tour manager Peter Couche-tard (equally, not his real name, see the name of similar convenience chain in Quebec) called me Schlecker and the name stuck. We referred to each other by these names for a while and jokingly I put it in an interview, not realizing that it would become a citation on Wikipedia. The problem is now that that flights, trains and hotels have all at some point been booked for me under this name. Problems have occurred.

Schlecker no longer exists. I think it went bankrupt a few years ago. I’m not adverse to it either, but it’s become somewhat of a thorn in my paw.

gold panda fake name

2) I buy lots of trainers.

My favorite trainers currently are my beaten up New Balance NB 574s.Gold Panda

3) I put out a techno record under the name Ewrin Ich in the early 2000s.

It’s virtually untraceable.

Han Solo Techno

4) The most money I have ever spent on a single piece of vinyl is £50

… But I don’t want to say what the record is. I’m not a sharer!


Expensive vinyl gold panda

5) I own a Jaguar S-type and use it to drive my Nan to the shops.

That’s what the video for “In My Car” is about.

Batman's Nan takes a ride

To be fair, if I could afford it, I’d buy lots of trainers, too.