Crush of the Week: Amber Mark

May 30th, 2017

Crush of the Week: Amber Mark

We’ve had a short hiatus from Crush. It’s not due to any lack of lovelies out there, it’s more the opposite, there’s too many. Sometimes drowning in a sea of love is a bad thing because they are so darn demanding!

Thankfully I found a shining light in the distance that compelled me to leave my latest cadre of passion purveyors behind and seek a new form of musical redemption: Ms Amber Mark. An angel of angels who’s siren scream is the modern equivalent of all candies rolled up into one, this NYC songstress has the chops that makes every part of me go zing!

New to the scene, Amber has been making quite the splash in 2017 with her fresh R&B/Soul and electronic take. She maybe has more in common with Sade than she’d like to admit, but also a youth and enthusiasm that displays her worldly tastes. There’s no doubt that modern artists like Sinkane, Disclosure or even Alunageorge play an influence here. It’s delicious.

Looking forward to see where the future leads my newest lovely. I feel like we are just at the cusp of seeing her true potential as the world discovers and devours her one layer at a time. She has such potential and I get the feeling what we’ve seen thus far is the grandest of teases. Oh, how I can’t wait for the next course!