Crywolf’s New Single, “Akureyri,” Is What Winning Sounds Like

October 21st, 2015

Crywolf’s New Single, “Akureyri,” Is What Winning Sounds Like

crywolf Akureyri single sounds like winning

Justin Philips aka Crywolf is an L.A. based musician who specializes in a tender genre-bending mix of electronica, shoegaze and pop.  His first album, Dysphoria, proved that he was a force to reckon with, garnering heavy rotation from a couple of big outlets like Fuse, Redbull, and Xbox Music, to name a few.  And it’s not hard to see why – his music is just the thing the action sports market pines after.

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Crywolf is currently hyping his forthcoming second album, Cataclasm, and he’s getting generous with the singles.  We’ve already heard “Wake [E-bow],” and today, Philips shared “Akureyri,” the latest single from the LP, and boy, is it beautiful.  Bask in its glory below, via his Soundcloud.

Listening to “Akureyri,” I can only imagine this is what standing on top of the world’s largest mountain feels like. Slow, steady progress through deliberately climbing towards a seemingly impossible goal, only to find pure euphoria at the top.  You know, success.

We’ve all felt it at one point or another, whether it was winning some big sportsball game or simply acing a lil’ old spelling test.  So go ahead, spice up your life a bit and throw this track into your daily commute playlist.  Trust me, stepping off of that dirty public bus and directly in to a mud puddle to one of “Akureyri”‘s breathtaking drops will make you feel like a real champion.

If you like being successful, (and honestly, who doesn’t), be sure to catch Crywolf’s second full-length album, Cataclasm, which is set to drop November 19, via Okami Records.