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Finally, a New “CoCo:” Diplo, RiFF RAFF, OG Maco and CL Drop New Track “Doctor Pepper”

May 22nd, 2015

Finally, a New “CoCo:” Diplo, RiFF RAFF, OG Maco and CL Drop New Track “Doctor Pepper”


Each night before I go to sleep, I kneel at the foot of my water bed and pray to the ghost of Patrick Swayze that somebody, anybody, drops a track that dethrones “CoCo.” It was good the first 4,312 times I heard it, but eventually, like the parasitic twin it became, it needed to die.

Today however, it seems as if my prayers have been graciously answered, because the super-organism that is Diplo, RiFF RAFF, OG Maco and CL have has released a brand new trap banger called “Dr. Pepper” that absolutely slays on multiple levels.

For one, it contains the lyric “I got more Ice than Michelle Kwan.” Finally, someone is rapping about peri-millennial Olympians. It’s about time we re-entered her into our cultural consciousness #neverforget.

Secondly, I’ve been DYING to hear more of CL’s endeavors in English … I can’t understand what she’s rapping about in Korean because I am ignorant American swine, but I can’t contain my excitement that she’s finally performing in the one language I can speak sort of well. The K-pop queen/rapper is from girl group 2NE1 – you’ve definitely seen their videos during one of your late-night Korean BBQ runs. She was recently featured on Skrillex‘s “Dirty Vibe” with fellow YG member (and crush of mine) G-Dragon, and she’s in this performance with Diplo that I watch every two weeks to remind me of CL’s unworldly perfection. She’s borderline angelic on “Dr. Pepper,” and by that, I mean she’d probably dig your eyes out of your skull with a fishhook out of sheer boredom. Can’t wait to see what else she puts out in the coming weeks.

“Doctor Pepper” was produced by Diplo and also features Riff Raff, and OG Maco. And yeah — it’s about soda. Apparently, the song is a true story about how Diplo canceled a meeting with CL, and she was so mad that he wasted her time that she wrote the song on the spot while drinking a Dr. Pepper.  But, Diplo ended up loving it, and the rest is angsty Korean rapper chick history.

The verses are hilarious. The song is whimsical as fuck. Listen to it. Bounce along.

CL’s gearing up to release an English album, but until then, chances are you’ll hear more from her on the Mad Decent SoundCloud page, so lurk there, kids. Until then, remember to think of Michelle Kwan.


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