Dream Lineup: Pictureplane and HEALTH Touring Together This Fall

September 15th, 2015

Dream Lineup: Pictureplane and HEALTH Touring Together This Fall


Grab what little innocence you have that left in that terrible body of yours and hold on tight, because Pictureplane and HEALTH are hitting the road together this fall, and it’d be safe to assume they’re not taking any prisoners.

The two acts will be playing Arizona, New York, Texas, and lot of other states that end with -a, culminating in an all out rager to celebrate the end of the tour in LA.

So, really, the only questions that need answering at this point are the following:

  1. Is the tour coming to a city near you?
    (Possibly, scroll down to see the tour dates.)
  2. Do these venues have speaker stacks big enough to contain the madness of these psychos?
    (We sure as shit hope so.)
  3. When the hell are you gonna buy your tickets?
    (Right now, right here.)

While you wait patiently to have your shit wrecked by the awesome force that is this tour, listen to Pictureplane’s latest single, “Technomancer,” below, and take our advice on how to survive HEALTH’s beautifully sinister new album, DEATH MAGIC, here.  Until then, hail Satan!

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