Drowned in Sound: An Introduction to Daedelus

October 4th, 2013

Drowned in Sound: An Introduction to Daedelus

Part of what makes Alfred Darlington one of our favorite composers isn’t because of the work he creates as Daedelus, but rather the genuine character of the man himself. From the articulate nature of his persona to the kind heart he undoubtedly possesses, Darlington would never allude to his personal trials verbally, despite the heavy circumstances surrounding the creation of his latest record. While the music remains calculated and precise, his candor while grieving through loss does more to connect the dots between his intimate struggles and the new material than you can imagine.


On Drown Out, Daedelus wrestles with samples of skateboarding, crickets chirping, and morse code, to create a sound palate that communicates connectivity, allowing him to speak without being heard. While his use of the monome has been the defining element of his now vast body of work, it’s his talent as an arranger that allows him to showcase the often dense imagery of personal self. These lush and complex soundscapes do well to translate this internal conflict into a textural conversation for us all to drown in.

Daedelus will be performing for Private Label tonight at Lure in Los Angeles. Joining him will be Nosaj Thing (DJ), Low Limit, and Astronautica. Make sure to check out Daedelus’ latest LP, The Drown Out (out now on Anticon), and check out this behind the scenes video to get a bit more insight from the man himself.

Tickets are available HERE.