Dummy Premieres Pictureplane’s ‘Hyper Real’ (Dark0 Remix)

July 9th, 2015

Dummy Premieres Pictureplane’s ‘Hyper Real’ (Dark0 Remix)


1NFINITY artist Pictureplane’s hit single ‘Hyper Real’ has been getting remixed left and right, because it’s sofuckinggoodmmm, but London producer Dark0 might have just dropped the heaviest re-imagining of the track yet.

Dummy premiered his version of the song today, which they describe as “dreamlike sounds with raw, gritty bass.” Dark0 mostly operates in the realm of grime, but his melodic, video game soundtrack-inspired sounds speak for themselves as evocative offerings of electronia.

The remix comes on the eve of Pitureplane’s new album, which is thus far dateless, but which you should wait with bated breath for because Pictureplane is the boss god of witchy punk-tronica, praise him.

Let Dark0’s remix sorcery baptize you:

Read our exclusive interview with Pictureplane here, and check out Jerome LOL’s awesome remix of ‘Hyper Real’ as well. Compare and contrast the remixes, like a fine wine or marginal 7-Eleven malt liquor.

You can see Pictureplane with your very own sensory organs on July 27th when he plays our upcoming Check Yo Ponytail show along with Heems, Bosco and Speak!


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