Exclusive Interview: Cold Showers Interviews No Joy

June 16th, 2015

Exclusive Interview: Cold Showers Interviews No Joy


“How do you guys know each other?” I ask Cold Showers guitarist/keyboard slave Jacob Cooper. I’m referring to the relationship his band has with Canadian nu-shoegaze outfit No Joy, which appears to be a cozy one.

“We met them in all of our other bands along the years because we are insane and can’t stick to one band,” he tells me. And thus began plural years of what I can only assume was a fruitful, mutually beneficial friendship in which secrets were shared, parents were met and spit was swapped (wet dreams never die).

Given the bands’ BFFFFFFF status, it seemed fitting that because these bands know each other better than I know them … they just interview each other. Here we have yung Jacob interrogating No Joy guitarist Laura Lloyd on the eve of their show, which we’re putting on  June 16th at Los Globos in Los Angeles (tickets here).

Read on for your pleasure.

Jacob: I was getting a haircut at my local cool guy Silverlake barber shop today and heard your new song come on. How does this make you feel?

Laura: I’m pretty over the whole swanky barbershop trend. That said, is this a true story? I am not above thinking it’s cool whenever our songs are played anywhere.

What is the worst scenario you think your music could be played in/at? Feel free to be edgy with this one.

I’m gonna have to go with trendy barbershop on this one, Jacob.

I had the pleasure of touring with you guys a few years ago. What is the worst show you have ever played? Feel free to put other people and bands on blast.

We recently played in an Aritzia store for their opening party. It was truly horrifying and the staff was pointing and laughing at me. Probably cause I’m p fat now. Whatever.

Fuck/Marry/Kill: Kurt Cobain, Darby Crash, Ian Curtis and why?

Marry Kurt: So we can see how bad Nirvana would be today. Kill Darby: Get your germs, burn and get out. Fuck Ian: Just give him something to think about.

Why does your drummer play hi-hats with his left hand? Is that his “thing”? See: Jamiroquai Kangol hat/Steven Tyler scarf on mic stand.

“I gotta save my right hand for jackin’ off.” – Garland (No Joy drummer duh).

Does anyone else in the band have a “thing” they do on stage?

Sometimes I (Laura) lock my left knee for a while.

What are your backstage rituals?

Talk shit about support bands.

I remember your Canadian asses got annihilated on tour by frequently getting “iced.” Do you still follow this behavior on tour with other bands?

Haven’t been iced in a while tbqh, but open to the idea. We’re pretty DTF w/ anything.

You don’t get a lot of Mexican food happening up in Montreal. Is there a legit burrito spot you recommend or can we just admit that it’s not worth fucking with?

Don’t bother, it’s not worth it. Settle on some bagels or something.

Favorite French-Canadian stereotype? Are there any?

There is a point in every Quebec woman’s life when she dies her hair this awful shade of red/maroon and gets a horrible haircut that kind of looks like a very textured/layered ball.

What does the term “fuck up some commas” actually mean to you?

I’ve literally never heard this term so to, me it would, mean putting, commas in the, wrong part of your, phrase.

You guys are sounding like legit ‘90s era Romeo + Juliet soundtrack contemporary rock band (nothing wrong with any of that). If Lillith Fair were still around would you rock it?

In a heartbeat #freethenipple.

What was/is your dream band to tour with?

My friend just told me he was going on tour with Nickelback and I found myself immediately jealous … So I guess that’s my answer!

You guys go through bass players like TP. Is it safe to say that “bassists are the worst” or is it the drummer? What is the most annoying member of any band? I heavily fuck with your current bassist by the way.

Ya he’s cool I think we’ll hold on to this one. I think typically I’m the worst member of any band.

Last and best question: What was the first screen name/handle you ever used? Mine was ThEMuNky written out like that and an ode to Munky from KoRn. I am fucked.

Laura: sexycow51 & artificialflavoring

Jasamine: cubestar

Michael: YoHommie47

Garland: irapetrout (???)

When they’re not interviewing each other for sport, both bands are neck-deep in new releases. Cold Showers has a new album, Matter of Choice, on Dais Records dropping August 28th, as well as a new single, “Plantlife,” which just premiered on Stereogum today. German label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe will release a limited edition “Plantlife” 7″ in August, too. No Joy‘s new album More Faithful is out now; read our review of it here. They also just released a song about Hilary Duff‘s intense teeth, which is beyond endearing.
Come see them play together and hopefully ice and talk shit about each other tonight at Los Globos. Tickets here.
No Joy, Cold Showers, Roses at Los Globos

No Joy, Cold Showers, Roses at Los Globos