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The New Trailer For GOT Season 6 Teases Jon Snow’s Non-Deadness

December 4th, 2015

The New Trailer For GOT Season 6 Teases Jon Snow’s Non-Deadness

game of thrones season 6 trailer

I’ll be the first to say it: Game of Thrones sucks! It sucks because it’s ruined my life and my ability to trust other television shows. I don’t care if Jon Snow doesn’t actually exist – do you know how many glasses of wine I had to drink to come to terms with his death? And now we don’t even know if he’s really DEAD??? FAM, HELP.

Game of Thrones is the ex-boyfriend, the lesson that I never learn. It never changes. All it does is disappoint me – but here HBO comes again, knocking on my front door with a brand new teaser trailer for Season 6 of the series (out April 2016), and I’m eating it up like it’s started working out or something. The trailer literally just rehashes old footage of the worst deaths in the show – Jon Snow, Ned Stark, Joffrey Lannister (revealing myself as a Lannister fangirl here, yeah, yeah, fight me) but with a voice-over by the three-eyed raven. We also get a line from Bran Stark, who you probably know, was omitted from last season but is coming back full-force in the next. “They have no idea what’s going to happen,” he says.

But I do know, Branny boy. People are going to fight. People are going to die. I’m going to cry and post ANOTHER rant on Facebook, insulting George R.R. Martin‘s cruel ass of a saga. But it’s not going to stop me. Okay, GOT… Ruin me again. I can take it this time.

Game of Thrones‘ next season will premiere in 4.739 months, and I’ll be sending the e-vite for my GOT therapy group in April as well. Stay tuned!

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