September 11th, 2017


Welcome to the brand spankin’ new IHEARTCOMIX website! This is the beginning of a new era for us, one of imagination and big dog shit. An era of living up to our mantra of connecting the worlds of music and geek culture. Are you ready? We are.

If you are new here, all you need to know is that we do a lot of creative stuff within the music and entertainment worlds. We have our own universe of characters and concepts and talk about things we like. You can also hire us to do the things we do for ourselves for you. Pretty simple, and nice to meet you. 

If you’ve been with us, what a fucking journey to get this up! I think we made the decision back in May 2016 to do this and here we are, all these months later, a brand new IHC website rebuilt and reimagined fully from scratch! Please, look around, explore, check things out. We are so excited of where she ended up. It’s a fresh start for us and defines our business in the simplest and truest way we can right now.

We’ve been on a massive two year journey of metamorphosis as a business and this is the end of the beginning. We’ve been laying clues and mission statements this whole time, starting with a feature in Fast Company at the top of the process, our manifesto at the end of 2015 of the major decisions we had made in terms of direction and our most recent Year in Review detailing the progress we’ve made to get here. Once figured out then came the reality of doing it and communicating that. 2016, and consequently this website, became all about this. What you are looking at now is our self made totem to our new beginning.

Making a decision to do something new is one thing. Figuring out how to communicate and execute that is another thing all together. We had come so far to say goodbye to large pieces of ourselves and take a brave step into a new world, but that in itself was confusing to a lot of people and even to ourselves. There was a whole other load of work to create the backbone of our new selves so at a glance you can figure out and accept what we do. NOW it was up to US to be creative and that was the most challenging (and best) place to be. 

In order to fully realize this new status quo we had to examine and rewrite EVERYTHING. There is not a word or image on this site that isn’t new and hasn’t been debated. We threw everything into a big pile and did our best to boil it down to it’s simplest essence. At the same time, concepts like the Land of IHC characters and the 1NFINITY universe needed to be imagined as well (more on those in a sec).

So what’s new?

  1. Say hello to our Land of IHC characters! These guys are the new face of all things IHEARTCOMIX. You can think of them as our Disney characters. Most of these guys have been around in some form over the past decade, but there are a few new ones as well. Anarchy Bunny, Lil Lucifer, Death Metal Santa, Boogie Monster and McCreeper have been around the block. Herman & Chester, our dinosaur buddies and Lincoln & E-L, our human characters, are new! All characters were created by Jesus Rivera (aka Demonbabies) or myself and rest assured, this is only the beginning of their story…
  2. The focus is on us! Yeah, we do cool shit and we want you to know about it. Not that this is a radically new concept, but in the past we’ve always done a ton of events or spent a lot of time on editorial, both of which put the focus on other people’s projects. Everything from this point forward will be about building the world of IHC. Yes, this will still include some events and curation, but not at the expense of putting ourselves second. We want you to see us as the creators and business people we are.
  3. We’ve condensed all of our editorial into a few weekly columns that are curation based. No one is looking to us as their news source nor do we have the staff to compete with the likes of Pitchfork or FADER. You do look to us for our tastes though, so we are going to give you more of that. Tracks and Videos of the Week are staying put. Crush of the Week, a focus on newer artists, is back. We’ve rehashed our features to be timeless pieces that cut to the core of our demographic. New is a column called Loser’s Log that gives you an inside look at the day-to-day of IHC.

Want some more immediate opinions? Look to our socials. We are moving all of our ’newsy’ type posts there where we can more immediately engage in the conversation. We’ll be putting new efforts into curated playlists on all music and video channels too. We used to use shows and blog posts to express our taste, now we will use tools where more people can experience and share…

  1. Two years ago we launched a new record label called IHC 1NFINITY with an ambitious concept: a shared music video universe. We got off to a great start with amazing artists like Chela, Pictureplane, Gavin Turek and Mark Redito, but then we took a pause. We realized we needed to set this project up right to make it the kind of success we envisioned for it. We took the time to write and design the narrative and universe the story takes place in. We got a much better deal for the label. We are ready to take the world by storm with this original and fun concept. Needless to say, 1NFINITY will be a big priority for us in 2017 and beyond.
  2. We’ve said goodbye to our past. We’ve been a business for a long time, exactly 13 years. We’ve done a lot of stuff and have changed along the way. As proud as we are of our past, it’s also become baggage that we needed to pack up and put away (notice no ‘events’ tab?), but in a display case. To do this we created an area in our ‘About’ section called ‘Legacy’ with all of our greatest hits. Want to learn more about our history or just want to revisit the past? That’s where you go, 13 years of history all in one nice package. Our focus now is squarely on the future.

Before I go, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Jacob Cooper and Robert Bell of Zealeograph for their incredible work on designing and building this website. It was a long, hard, improbable road and we figured it out. We solved the unsolvable puzzle and have given IHEARTCOMIX the much needed fresh start it was desperate for. You guys are the best!

That’s it! Welcome to a whole new world, hopefully you are as excited as we are to see what comes next!


Franki Chan