This Sundance Base Camp Playlist Should Soothe Your Debilitating FOMO

January 22nd, 2016

This Sundance Base Camp Playlist Should Soothe Your Debilitating FOMO

If you’re not going to Sundance this year, you’ve made a fatal error. This is the first year that the festival has taken a decidedly music-focused approach to its events lineup, and we’re relieved to say that goes far beyond booking DJ Paris Hilton to play a party where shrimp cocktails are served.

This year, we’re going way beyond that by co-curating Base Camp, Sundance’s first-ever music stage and interactive activation that celebrates film projects created by musicians, comedians and artists.  The festival will feature live performances, surprise sets, panel discussions and one-off productions with the artists involved, all which will shine a new light on the connection between these mediums.

It’s honestly one of the coolest things we’ve ever done, but if you can’t make it out to the actual event, never fear because we made you a playlist of all the artists playing Base Camp. Flying Lotus, Neon Indian, Dan Deacon, H09909, Miya Folick and mucho more make an appearance, serenading you as you longing Google Image pictures of Park City while salivating slightly.


Check out the full BASE CAMP lineup to see what performances and films you can’t go to, but don’t self-flagellate to the point of blood over missing them or anything; this playlist will soothe your pain, we promise.