How to Throw the Perfect Underground Party and Not F It Up, Starring Venus X

May 7th, 2015

How to Throw the Perfect Underground Party and Not F It Up, Starring Venus X

how to throw a party with venus x

By Christine Conley

Venus X is a DJ, producer, and what experts in the field would call “A good party throw-er.” As the founder of NYC’s infamous GHE2OGOTH1K party, she knows a thing or seventeen about how to throw down and keep it underground without to succumbing to the siren song of commercialism via branded sponsors or that one girl Rihanna. When it comes to DIY parties that make you question  whether you’re at a rave or in a music video, this bitch is basically the Don.

Naturally, being party-throwers ourselves, we wanted to know how she pulled it off so seamlessly *hair toss* but … here’s the thing:

Venus X is a busy woman. In fact, she just played Club IHC along with Sinjin Hawke, Zora Jones, P. Morris and the Black Marble Collective. So, with her attention elsewhere, we were left to our own imaginative devices when day/wet-dreaming about her party-throwing skills. And, dear readers (reader?) this is the insight we think she’d give us if she were here.

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1. Invite Literally Fucking Everyone

The key is to appeal beyond the usual demographic of white male twenty-somethings who think Tha Barter 6 is diverse. Look around. If your party looks less like an intergenerational fusion of culture and more along the lines of a Bar Mitzvah on Molly, you’ve done something wrong.

perfect party venus x bar mitzvah

This motherfucker is LIT!

2. … Except Rihanna.

Because she’ll probably just try to steal all the toilet paper from the venue, similar to how she steals from cultures. That’s so not Ghetto Goth.

perfect party venus x rihanna

Appropriate yourself some ice for that burn while you’re at it, Ri.

3. Make Them Pay

Charge everyone a $2 cover just because you fucking can. No VIP, no guest list, no “I had sex with the promoter” discount- just a standard $2 cover. Think of it as a formality that says “I know who you are, but you still ain’t shit.”

Yes, Kanye. Even you.

4. Express Yourself

And not in the spread your legs, arch your back, disappoint your father sense of the term. I mean you should encourage people to wear what the fuck they want. Look cool, but don’t be too cool to have fun. That’s what GHE20GOTH1K is all about. Camouflage fatigues paired with gold chains? This is Versaceflage now, bitch.

perfect party venus x fashion

This would probably work.

5. Break All the Rules

Even more important than wearing what the fuck you want is playing what the fuck you want. A set ranging from Dominican Dembow to Turkish Techno crosscut with Spanish salsa featuring samples from obscure YouTube videos would be enough to make me proud. Keep it unpredictable, and for the love of god, leave out the “everybody fucking jump” cue.

perfect party venus x music

“I just sampled one of your farts LOL.”

Hopefully with these tips, you’ll be on your way to starting the next raging trap-disco-bingo party in Norman, Oklahoma or wherever you’re from. Throwing the raddest party in town ain’t easy, but someone’s gotta do it.

If you’re having trouble thinking of some non-basic shit to play, check out GHE20GOTH1K’s website for inspiration in the form of free music downloads.

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