IHEARTCOMIX is an Official Apple Music Curator!

June 9th, 2017

IHEARTCOMIX is an Official Apple Music Curator!

After months of secretly working with Apple, we are so stoked to finally announce that IHEARTCOMIX is now an Official Apple Music Curator!

Despite having a hectic year full of crazy projects, the IHC crew has been putting our collective musical expertise and varied tastes together to create lots of fun playlists for you all.

Things you can expect:

IHEARTCOMIX will continue to do what we do best: connect the worlds of music and geek culture. Whether that involves a playlist full of music to soundtrack your video game sessions, or music inspired by our favorite films, our playlists will satisfy all you music and entertainment nerds alike.

IHC also has tons of cool musician, artist, and filmmaker pals, so you can surely expect some very special guest playlists down the line. (Our boys at HAM on Everything will also have a running guest playlist series. Check out That’s What I Call HAM Vol.1 out now!)

Plus, all of our playlists feature really cool art by our friend Luke McGarry!

Click here to check out our Apple Music homepage, or search for “IHEARTCOMIX” on the Music app on your phone or on iTunes. Then, jump right in! To start, we created eight exclusive playlists that showcase how wide our tastes can range from, so there is definitely something for everyone! Find all of them below.

We have lots of great playlists and fun surprises in store for you, so stay tuned babies!