August 18th, 2015

life or death playlist volume 5 slider

It’s been a minute since we last dropped a playlist, but let us assure you, that was only because we moved our office out of a subterranean meth lab into a glorious modern industrial space with actual windows and it’s taken us a couple of weeks to adjust to the amount of sunshine and joy this move has brought us.

But … we’ve equilibrated. Homeostasis has been restored. And now we’re back with our biggest playlist to date: Life or Death Volume V.

For the uninitiated, Life or Death is our regular playlist that features new songs from artists you need to know about or you might die. We’re not doctors or anything,  so we might be unqualified to offer that kind of prognosis, but … we’re pretty sure you might die.

Don’t worry though, because Volume V is pulsating with the life force of a thousand nascent solar systems, which in plain English simply means it’s an uppity collection of tracks meant to get your blood pumping and your body twitching semi-rhythmically with delight.

Volume V features tracks from some prominent IHC regulars like Pictureplane, Gavin Turek, Spazzkid and TOKiMONSTA, as well as offerings from artists we’ve featured on the site like Georgia and Christian Rich, but it also expands outwards from our little universe with new stuff from Slug Christ, Vince Staples, Superhumanoids, With You., HEALTH, Rustie, Skepta, Dej Loaf and more.

LISTEN TO ITTTTT- Oh, and let us know if you’ve got a track you want featured on the next playlist!

Love you, bye.