Life or Death Playlist Volume VI: This Month’s Most Vital New Music

October 9th, 2015

Life or Death Playlist Volume VI: This Month’s Most Vital New Music

life or death volume 6 vi

Hey, you. Are you in dire need of new music? Have you been listening to that old Hanson CD for at least 14 long, cold years straight? Well, you can stop now; you aren’t impressing anyone, except for the Guinness Book of World Records people and also Hanson. Luckily for your sex life and musical discovery needs, we’re back to bring you Life or Death Volume VI, our playlist for the month of October.

We’ve been hard at work, slaving over refurbished Macbook Airs and 2010 HP Entertainment Notebook PCs to bring you the musical Oktoberfest brew that everyone is drinking: this month’s songs you just have to know about or you might as well be DEAD.

The sixth installation of the playlist comes just in time (because you boyfriend never does) and will always stay in with you on Friday night (cause your boyfriend never does). It’s chock-full of the latest and greatest from your favorite artists like Neon Indian, RL Grime, Petite Noir and Young Thug, as well as some new-new from music people you may never heard of unless you’re an indie label PR intern (stick in there, you’ll be an artist rep someday in the next 40 years!) For example: ever heard of angsty modern grunge babes Dilly Dally or adorable pop producer Empress Of? You’ll hear them, plus the dripping, undeniable sex appeal of Prince Innocence and the depressingly arousing nu-R&B of Drake’s favorite human who isn’t Nicki Minaj, River Tiber.

All this so your inner Hanson fanatic knows other options exist … and also dies.

Listen! Have fun! Be a person!