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Listen to this Club IHC Mixtape from Lil Texas – IHEARTCOMIX Listen to this Club IHC Mixtape from Lil Texas – IHEARTCOMIX
October 12th, 2015

lil texas exclusive club ihc mixtape

Mondays suck ass, but when Lil Texas makes you an exclusive ClubIHC mixtape, everything just gets real copacetic and you do a happy little dance. Shit, does everything not just seem right after you get gifted with a treasure trove of frenetic new music.? And that’s exactly what happened today, folks!

Ranging from trap to R&B, and touching damn near everything in between, Lil Texas (aka Sam Barry), cut his teeth in the Boston college scene, fine tuning his talents during parties at his Beantown college pad with his MOD Crew cohorts. Flash forward, the current LA transplant has shared the stage with notables like Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus.

The mixtape features tracks from RL Grime, Vince Staples, and plenty others – all mashed up with that typical Lil Texas flavor that we’ve come to expect from the diverse DJ and producer. It’s as perfect a pre-party pump-up as you can get, but it would be equally at home serenading you as you pump iron in an empty gym at 4 a.m. two inches away from the glass mirror, looking yourself in the eyes with all the the intensity of an A-bomb.

When we asked him what his vision behind the mixtape was, Lil Texas had this to say:

“Genres ain’t a thing for ol’ boy. How can one person listen to one type thing and be satisfied? I made the mix to showcase a variety of styles in order to let listeners and DJs know it’s okay to have rap, house, and club in the same set.”

Ol’ boy! Ol’ boy has liberated us from our genre prison and now we are free like Willy.

Listen to Lil Texas’ mixtape below, let it accelerate your heart rate, and bask in the party glory.


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