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Ma Immersive Horror Experience Recap – IHEARTCOMIX Ma Immersive Horror Experience Recap – IHEARTCOMIX

Ma Immersive Horror Experience Recap

May 24th, 2019

Ma Immersive Horror Experience Recap

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse enlisted IHEARTCOMIX to create a one-of-a-kind immersive horror kegger house party to promote the upcoming Ma movie release! We partnered with Just Fix It Productions to bring it to life.

We invited our favorite influencers to #PARTYWITHMA. Those who were lucky enough to arrive early had the opportunity to have a meet and greet with Octavia Spencer.

Guests had a chance to enter Ma’s world with free food, jello shots, kegs, and dancing in a mansion dressed up to look like Ma’s house in the film. Like any good house party, it wasn’t complete without a few rounds of “beer pong”, “spin the bottle,” and “suck and blow.”

Just as guests got comfortable, though, they realized this was no ordinary house party. Actors planted amongst the partygoers had attendees wondering if they were talking to an actor, or just another invitee. Group by group, actors invited guests to come down to the basement to find Ma’s secret stash of booze and pills.

Attendees, then uncovered Ma’s horrifying backstory through an interactive walkthrough of the eerie mansion. There, they found horrors lurking in every shadowy corner.

To up the creep factor, guests found tampered pictures of themselves hung all over the walls. Upon completion of the theatrical walkthrough, they were awarded with a friendship bracelet for making it out alive.

When guests returned from their experience, they had a chance to get their picture taken with some tortured guests waiting for them on the couch. Every aspect of the set design was a unique photo opportunity perfect to share on social media.

Some of the cast stopped by after the premiere to experience Ma’s house party for themselves! The experience was a wild success. Cast members, celebrities, influencers, and publications alike had glowing reviews.

This is one of the most coolest and trippiest things I’ve been to,” said Rebecca Black.
One of the most creative marketing activations I’ve seen by far. So fun!” said Kevin Li.
Octavia Spencer herself even said, “This was a brilliant idea!”

We had an amazing time collaborating with Universal and Blumhouse to bring the world of Ma to life. In addition to the horror experience, the space was also used for the film’s press junket with the full cast and to film promotional content with All Def Digital. Don’t miss Ma in theatres May 31st!

Photography by Carina Gutierrez, Jacqueline Verdugo, and Tim Hans.

Find more photos of the event here.

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