Members Only: An Introduction to Dangerous Boys Club

September 24th, 2013

Members Only: An Introduction to Dangerous Boys Club

For a band that is as personally dynamic as Dangerous Boys Club, their origins are surprisingly unsung. To start, the band is a walking history lesson in original screamo. Coming from bands like Antioch Arrow, Heroin, and Get Hustle, there is no questioning their contributions to the angst driven class of the early 90’s. Dangerous Boys Club finds these performers in a new chapter, carrying the spirit and tenacity of their former identities and recalculating it into hauntingly beautiful synthesizer music.

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In this 11 minute opera noir, Dangerous Boys Club have envisioned a darkwave epic in three acts that is as visceral as it is unpredictable. Tranzilvania, their latest single from the fantastically dark and moody, Pris, finds DBC exploring sonic arrangement in ways that they haven’t before. As each act begins and ends, the tone shifts from percussive ghostly pulses to the collective wash of synthesizers that scream through the fog before slowly percolating back into existence.

Dangerous Boys Club will be performing at Los Globos on September 28th. Joining them will be Light Asylum, Youth Code, and Night Sins. Be sure to support your local record store by picking up a copy of DBC’s latest LP, Pris, out now on DAIS Records.

Tickets are available HERE.

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