Metronomy presents: I’m Aquarius

November 18th, 2013

Metronomy presents: I’m Aquarius

Recently, BBC Radio One’s Zane Lowe treated the world to another highly anticipated return to the radio waves as he debuted the latest single from Mercury Prize nominated / Check Yo Ponytail veterans, Metronomy.


Joseph Mount and the rest of the gang are once again in true form as they present, I’m Aquarius, a subdued and bittersweet arrangement that builds off the electric organ tonality previously heard on The Bay, but with much more introspection. Comparatively, I’m Aquarius takes a darker tone off the bat, reciting an astral turning point between two partners coupled with the not so gentle pain of heartbreak. Whether you are well versed in astrology or not, the tone and message are heavy hearted enough to be universal, mismatched compatibility notwithstanding.

Love Letters will be out on March 10th, 2014; courtesy of Because Music. In the meantime, Check out this CYP2 recap on IHC TV, featuring performances from Metronomy, in addition to LA’s own Nite Jewel and Sisu. While we are on the subject of Check Yo Ponytail, we’ll be celebrating three years of radical shows at our anniversary party tomorrow with Alice Glass, Andrew W.K., Youth Code, and Chuck Inglish.

Tickets are available HERE.