Mija Graciously Shares Hot Remix of Major Lazer’s “B2GETHER” With Us

August 26th, 2015

Mija Graciously Shares Hot Remix of Major Lazer’s “B2GETHER” With Us

Mija Graciously Shares Hot "B2GETHER" Remix With Us, The World

Can’t we all just get along?

That’s the question Diplo’s side-project, Major Lazer, have been asking for years now.  By connecting the entire world through music, the moombahton/reggaeton/you-name-it-ton collective have set out to end international conflict by getting people to just shut up and dance.  On their latest album, they make their cause clear: Peace Is The Mission. Kumbaya, bitches, blah blah blah.

I’ve got good news for you hippies: one of the best tracks from that album, “Be Together,” just got a choice remix from the up-and-coming celestial EDM being, Mija — and this thing is HOT.

The re-worked song has been sped up, pitched up, and as a result, tore the fuck up.  Other than creating a cool new way to spell the title (“B2GETHER”), Mija brings a unique, optimistic-tinged gaggle of analog beeps and bloops to the floor that ultimately improve on what was already a jam.

Keeping in the spirit of world peace, Mija shared the official remix with the world via her own SoundCloud page, but you can grab it here, for free — no questions asked, no email address required.  So rest assured that you won’t have to pry any capitalist fat cat’s greedy fingers from around your wallet.  After all, JG Wenthworth said it best: “IT’S YOUR MONEY — USE IT WHEN YOU NEED IT!”