Music You Should Buy on Bandcamp to Support Trans Rights

August 3rd, 2017

Music You Should Buy on Bandcamp to Support Trans Rights

On Friday August 4th, 2017, Bandcamp will be donating 100% of their share of every sale to the Transgender Law Center, a non profit organization that fights for healthcare for trans veterans, defends incarcerated trans people from abuse, supports trans immigrants, and so much more. In light of the hate-filled and discriminatory politicians currently in power, supporting organizations like the TLC has never been more crucial. That’s why, with the help of the amazing IHC interns, we decided to present you with some of our favorite artists on Bandcamp that you should buy music from on Friday. We made sure to include some of the best trans, queer, and gender non-conforming artists you may not have heard of yet as well. Support a good cause and get some great new tunes at the same time!

Jasmine’s Picks

1. Porches – “Pool”:

Porches is a synth-pop group from New York and “Pool” is hands down one of my favorite albums of all time. If you haven’t heard it before, do yourself a favor and do it now! “Underwater” is definitely a highlight of the album.

2. serpentwithfeet – “blisters”:

What I imagine angels sound like… Serpentwithfeet‘s song “four ethers” made me cry the first time I heard it and it samples Berlioz’s fantastic “Symphonie Fantastique”.

3. Japanese Breakfast – “Soft Sounds From Another Planet”:

These days, if I’m listening to music, there’s a solid 50% chance that I’m listening to this album. Japanese Breakfast‘s song “Soft Sounds From Another Planet” was inspired by the Mars One project and the album’s dreamy sounds definitely take you on a mental journey to another universe. “Road Head” is my favorite and it has an incredible music video directed by Michelle herself.

4. Tim Darcy – “Saturday Night”:

I’m a sucker for crooners and Tim Darcy (of Ought) is one of my favorites. “Still Waking Up” will melt your heart without fail.

5. S.B.S.M – “JOY / RAGE”:

I have to give some love to my second home: the Bay Area. S.B.S.M. is an experimental noise-punk band from Oakland, California. I love them so much. I suggest starting with “Ashes.”

6. Mykki Blanco – “Mykki”:

Trans artist, Mykki Blanco, is a force to be reckoned with. Her music can be harsh, hard hitting, and melodically beautiful all at the same time. “High School Never Ends” is a highlight of the album.

Carina’s Picks

1. Seoul – “I Become A Shade”:

I found Seoul by surprise through the videos being recommended to me on Youtube. I was instantly hooked. Their album “I Become A Shade” back from 2015 has a dreamy pop “feel good” sound to it. “Stay With Us” will always be one of my favorite songs.

2. Antony and the Johnsons – “I Am A Bird Now”:

I first heard the song “Bird Gerhl” in the movie “V for Vendetta” back in high school and I fell in love. I can definitely say that Anohni from Antony and the Johnsons has a voice and sound that can capture beauty, madness, and sadness all into one. I believe that Anohni has become a profound voice in the transgender community. That song still gives me the feels.

3. Cigarettes After Sex – “I”:

I actually found Cigarettes After Sex shortly after I found Seoul. Youtube has done it again. I would say their music could put you in a calm daze. The album “I.” back from 2012 made me feel so chill and well rested. Sometimes some soft vocals and smooth bass is what you need!

4. DIIV – “Oshin”:

DIIV’s sweet guitar riffs and shoegaze vocals get me every time. I had went to see DIIV live at the Fonda shortly after FYF Fest 2016, and was given an incredible energetic show. The album “Oshin” back from 2015 will always have my heart.

5. Daydreams – “When We Slept In The Treehouse”:

Daydreams has definitely come a long away. From growing up with the singer in middle school, to watching them play incredible shows at various venues all over LA has been an incredible journey. Their most recent album from this year “When We Slept in The Treehouse” always has me dancing.

6. Hello Sunrise – “Troubles”:

Listening to Hello Sunrise always leaves me with that “happy go lucky” feeling. Their most recent album from this year “Troubles” has some catchy hooks nicely paired with the unforgettable sounds of the trumpet and trombone. Their incredible combination of folk and jazz has me groovin’!

Bryan’s Picks

1. Four Tet – “There Is Love In You”:

I was introduced to Four Tet at FYF 2012. While I know little about him, the hint of mystery behind his music has always enticed me. I suggest his album, “There is Love in You.”

2. Yumi Zouma – “EP Collection”:

I immediately fell with Yumi Zouma when I first heard The Brae EP in 2014. Since then, they have made music that is fun, blissful, and a great addition to my summer playlists. I suggest her album “EP Collection.”

3. Inner Wave – “III”:

I went to so many Innerwave house shows in high school. They’re from my neighborhood in LA and have been going strong since 2010. They now are playing shows at the Echo, the Observatory, and I think 2017 is their year. I suggest their album “III.”

Alex’s Picks

1. Kelela – “Cut 4 Me”:

Kelela is a female Alternative RnB singer with forward-thinking, electronic-tinged production. Akin to artists like FKA Twigs and BOSCO, Kelela’s introspective lyrics and luscious powerful voice make her one to watch. Her new album “Take Me Apart” comes out in October, but until then you can indulge in her most recent release, 2015’s “Cut 4 Me,” which was one of the most interesting and uniquely modern RnB albums I’ve heard in recent years.

2. Aye Nako – “Silver Haze”

As a massive fan of emo, punk and alternative rock music, Aye Nako instantly appealed to me. I get as much Wolf Alice-style, gritty modern alternative from their sound as I do the classic ‘90s emo sound of bands like Texas is the Reason. Their latest release “Silver Haze” makes me extremely happy as a fan of that classic style, not to mention that this band is hugely important for the trans and queer community, with band members who identify as such and often portray those ideas and experiences in their writing.

3. Giraffage – “Too Real”:

I had heard the name Giraffage floating around the music world a lot lately, but I had never really bothered to get into his music until very recently, and man was I missing out. His productions are elegant and detailed and listening to his albums is like floating in a sea of lush electric sound. His new album “Too Real” is available for pre-order now on Bandcamp, and judging by the lead single “Slowly”, it’s going to be one hell of a record.