Neon Indian’s Short Film “Slumlord Rising” Deserves a Full Season

October 20th, 2015

Neon Indian’s Short Film “Slumlord Rising” Deserves a Full Season

Neon Indian's Slumlord Rising Totally Deserves A Full Season

If you didn’t already know, OG chillwave bro Alan Palomo aka Neon Indian just dropped his opus album, VEGA INTL. Night School, a staggeringly beautiful mess of vaguely tropical music that demands you dance. But, instead of releasing individual music videos for the top tracks off the album, he did a little magical film-making flail and combined the narratives from two of the songs off the album, “Slumlord” and “Slumlord’s Re-Release” into a deliciously violent short film called “Slumlord Rising.”

It’s a ’80s-style story about a scare of “digital murders” at a nightclub SNL’s Stefon might frequent.  Check it out:

I have so many unanswered questions about this film! So, the Slumlord was the creepy guy who ended up getting the tooth in the end, or it was the totally non-threatening cyborg thing with laser eyes?  And why did the two even need the girl in the choker if they were just planning on killing her the whole time?  Did that whole thing take place inside of the Hotline Miami universe?

These are some Game of Thrones-level questions.  Questions that deserve time, and pondering.  That’s why I’ve hereby started a totally legit, official petition to Netflix to fund a complete, full-length season of Slumlord Rising for TV.  You can sign it here.

With your help, we can make this a thing.  Join the cause to make Slumlord Rising a TV show today, and know that you were a part of something.

Update: With the help of an @NeonIndian retweet, we’ve got 18 signatures!  At this rate, we’ll have a TV show in no time.