NOISEY Premieres Gavin Turek’s New “Don’t Fight It” Video

July 28th, 2015

NOISEY Premieres Gavin Turek’s New “Don’t Fight It” Video


If Gavin Turek isn’t featured prominently all over your computer screen right now, give yourself 40 lashes because you’re doing something wrong. The woman  is the next big thing in pop music right now, bringing her hyper-sweet disco sensibilities to your auditory cortex like a modern day Donna Summer.

No worries, though – I’ll catch you up on what you need to know.

ICYMI: Yesterday was a huge day for us here at IHC. We successfully took over Revolt TV for a solid hour, and during that time, 1NFINITY babe Gavin Turek and best friend ToKiMONSTA performed some tunes (including a brand new one, “Hemispheres”), live on-air.  Fear not, those that missed out; you can stream their performances right here.

But the good times don’t stop there.  Today, Gavin Turek also premiered the new video for her solo single, “Don’t Fight It”, via NOISEY.  If this year’s scorching temperatures haven’t been enough to convince you that it is indeed summer, this video will. Written and directed by our very own IHC daddy Franki Chan, the clip will make you want to grab your best friends (guys and gals, of course), and road trip to a more wooded locale for a quick getaway where everyone falls hopelessly in love and eats hot dogs.

“We really wanted to capture the playfulness of the song with a delightfully innocent storyline,” explained Gavin to NOISEY. “I love that all of the IHC 1NFINITY videos are immensely different but connect in some way and “Don’t Fight It” is no exception. We had so much fun making the video and I think it shows. Plus the lead guy is hot, which made my job real easy. Haha.”

Pro-tip: “Don’t Fight It” is an absolute must for any road trip playlist, assuming you’re not roadtripping to like … war-torn Syria. That would be weird.

Listen to “Don’t Fight It” on Spotify here, or watch the music video below.