Parliment Hieroglyphic: An Introduction to Pharaohs

August 5th, 2013

Parliment Hieroglyphic: An Introduction to Pharaohs

Los Angeles four-piece Pharaohs have carved a sound that explores the far reaches of synth wave and funk while reinforcing it with that familiar techno pulse. Take their full length album Replicant Moods for example. Released earlier this year on 100% Silk, Replicant Moods received high praise for its effortless translation of a familiar sound, reworking it’s classic mentality the modern soundsphere.


Pharaohs structure their new album to highlight its instrumental progressions. Even the vocals seem to be moderated in a track like, Miraculous Feet featuring Maria Minerva, as the lyrics seem to float above the sound floor. With that said, the driving force in this particular track is unmistakeably that funky synth bass line that holds it down and ties it all together.

Pharaohs instrumental track Syzygy lavishes in the slow progression of synth. The patience required to appreciate such a dissonant track is not possessed by many but those along for the ride will definitely be rewarded with calming stimulation. Listen below to free your mind!

Pharaohs perform live August 20th at Check Yo Ponytail 2 with Escort, Secret Circuit and Nightbox at the Echoplex. Pick up your tickets for the show below and expect a night of dance heavy disco that’ll have you in awe!

Tickets available HERE.