Promnite Made You a Playlist for “Going All the Way”

September 2nd, 2015

Promnite Made You a Playlist for “Going All the Way”

promnite going all the way playlist

When we asked LA producer and Athletixx member Promnite to make us a playlist for his upcoming ClubIHC show, we were pretty sure what direction he’d take it in.

His bio on his agency site says his “driving motive as a producer is basically ‘seduce the whole club into cry dancing and/or making out'” for fuck’s sake … So it only makes sense that he’d make us a playlist to … how do I say this gently … “go all the way to.”

AWW YEAH, baby. You guessed it. Promnite made you a sex playlist. Or, I guess it could be a motivational playlist, like a “go all the way with that big project, shoot for the stars!” playlist, but I’m sick and twisted so … SEX PLAYLIST.

On it, you’ll find nine of Promnite’s favorite songs for makin’ sweet love to yourself or others to. Let these here tracks serenade you as you awkwardly touch each other’s fully-clothed genitals in the back of your parent’s Chevy Astro before returning home for you 11 p.m. curfew with a weird wet stain on your pants that you won’t fully understand for another two to three years. This playlist zeros in on your reproductive zone and hits hard, but also recalls the more sensitive, emotional side of young love (*emo hair flip*).

Listen and let it melt your cry-dancing heart.

You can make this Promnite wet dream a wet reality this Friday, September 4th at ClubIHC, where he’ll be performing alongside UK trap legends Stooki Sound, LA production vixen VenessaMichaels and Alaska club maniac Astronomar.