Read Franki Chan’s Lifehacker – How I Work Feature

February 15th, 2019

Read Franki Chan’s Lifehacker – How I Work Feature

Yes, the time has finally come friends. Founder of IHEARTCOMIX: Franki Chan’s Lifehacker feature thoroughly answers the age old question of “What does IHEARTCOMIX do?”

In their latest “How I Work” feature, which sets to interview “famously productive people,” Franki goes in-depth about the IHC team, our process, the future of our company, and what sets us apart from the rest.

“If you’re trying to combine creative work with “pay the bills” work, look at IHEARTCOMIX,” the article kindly notes. It goes on to explain that we are “a creative agency that integrates its client work (recent projects include marketing for Black Panther and Mary Poppins Returns) with in-house projects like the music label IHC 1NFINITY, which sets all its music videos in a shared universe. “

If you want to learn more about how we thrive in the creative sphere, what tools we use to increase our productivity, or just want to find out how the hell we managed to turn a party series into a full blown creative agency that works with top companies like Disney, Marvel, Sundance, Adult Swim, and more, this article is for you.

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