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Remix Battle: Jack Ü’s “Where Are Ü Now” ft. Justin Bieber

June 17th, 2015

Remix Battle: Jack Ü’s “Where Are Ü Now” ft. Justin Bieber


DiploSkrillex, and Justin Bieber?

Together, they make up Jack Ü, the lethal combination that must have made the whole Illuminati simultaneously climax into their $60,000 pleated khakis. Although I am not convinced that the suspiciously catchy “Where Are Ü Now” was not made in a secret laboratory somewhere with a couple dozen scientists and mathematicians mixing beakers and crunching algorithms together to create the perfect single, I can’t deny the fact that this dream team of chart toppers made a goddamn BANGER. And whenever that happens, my friends, you know what comes next … hordes upon hordes of remixes. Earlier today, Skrillex’s label, OWSLA, released an official remix album of the the single on SoundCloud to help sort through the madness. So, we took our two favorites and put them head-to-head for another round of IHC Remix Battle insanity! LET’S GET IT ON!

1. Rustie
Oh Jesus. I hope you brought an extra pair of Hanes, because this ones going to rattle those bowels folks. The Warp Records warrior known as Rustie, definitely ain’t playin’ with his huge rendition of Jack Ü‘s hit single. The build-up starts immediately and literally sounds like he and Bieber are hopping into a helicopter, hovering over the stadium, and waiting for the perfect moment to dive straight down with an electrifying Elbow Drop on your bitch ass.  The bright, pumping synths attach to the bass and hit like a repetitive shin to the sack as Rustie gracefully incorporates the signature melody from the original track. The structure is simple, the technique is powerful, and the delivery is right on target.

2. Marshmello
Coming out of left-field is the brand new, yet very-worthy contender, Marshmello. First stepping onto the scene just a few months ago, the talented mystery producer has produced a number of big tracks that has got the internet buzzin’ like your pervy uncle on Thanksgiving. Today, he delivers in similar fashion to give Rustie a big ole run for his money.  ‘Mello starts nice and slow with some soothing vocal chops atop a groovy bassline and some light synth stabs, just to jerk you around a little bit before he fully drives his foot up your ass, sideways. But when it comes time, he does not disappoint. All of the elements come together for the second drop; big grimy bass, the tweaked out signature melody, and Biebs’ sweet vocal. A mixture that drops butt-first onto your face exactly like this. Although you may think fluffy and soft, Marshmello is quite conversely, hard as fuck.

Y’all know what to do! Drop a vote down below and help us decide which of these soldiers deserves the win. The winner will be announced on our Twitter, so stay tuned!

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