Riff Raff and Travis Barker Make an Anthem for Middle Schoolers with ADHD

July 10th, 2015

Riff Raff and Travis Barker Make an Anthem for Middle Schoolers with ADHD


What happens when a rocker turned rap-producer teams up with a rapper turned rocker? A bizarre middle-ground somewhere between ‘hell yeah’ and ‘what the absolute fuck?’

As such, notorious Blink 182 bad-ish boy Travis Barker has teamed with the one-and-only Neon Icon, Riff Raff, to bring you an all new Warped Tour friendly, rap/rock hybrid entitled “Spazz Out”.  The track features a passionate vocal performance from Riff; recalling fragile memories of his past in which he has allegedly ‘spazzed out’. But what’s powerful here is not the spazzing itself, no. It’s the sheer fervor heard in his voice that tells quite a different story, the story of a man who has found strength in resilience when faced with said spazzing. Sick.

What lies beneath is an instrumental composed of Barker’s impressive live drumming and fuzzy, pop-punk guitars that sound almost exactly like pre-made four-chord loops found in Apple’s GarageBand application. All together, it serves as the perfect angsty tween-age banger for kids that have not yet established their identity as a person or a music fan.

If you’re familiar with Riff’s body of work, a track of this nature should come as no surprise to you.”Spazz Out” serves as a sort of follow up to his rock/rap ode to the booger-sugar entitled, “Kokayne,” from his latest LP, Neon Icon. He has shown that he wants to continue pushing the boundaries for rap and has absolutely proven he is operating in the realm of DGAF. And that, my friends, is why we all know and adore him. Seriously, he is a man who truly does not give a single microscopic fuck. I mean, there’s an option to have him “Skype Your Grandparents” for $1,250 on his official merch site for god sakes…

Whether you love it, love to hate it, or simply just laugh at it; it’s quite entertaining either way. Check it out down below: