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Lipstick looks delicious in the Seth Bogart “Eating Makeup” Video

November 16th, 2015

Lipstick looks delicious in the Seth Bogart “Eating Makeup” Video

seth bogart eating makeup video

Seth Bogart, also known as Hunx (from Hunx and his Punx and old-school awesome band Gravy Train!!!) has just released a new video with a bunch of chicks crunching and munching on lipstick and eyeshadow, and I don’t understand why I’m hungry right now, but I am.

As kids, we all snuck a bite or two out of Play-doh and crayons, but this video takes it to another level. Some real My Strange Addiction shit. Seth’s “Eating Makeup” video (which, sidenote, features the ultimate legendary riot-grrl Kathleen Hanna on vocals), is exactly what you’d expect, maybe, if you were on bath salts and chose to stay in to watch Sesame Street.

“I really wanted this video to look like a kid’s show,” Seth told the Fader. The result of that vision is a group of glittered out fashionistas devouring the crap out of their lipsticks. And foundation. Basically whatever beauty product they can get their hands on, all while Seth sings from a compact concealer-turned clam. It’s wild and magical.

Seth will allegedly release an album (under “Seth”) in the coming year. Whether the album will carry on the “Children’s Show on LSD” aesthetic is to be determined, but a girl can dream.

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