Yung Internet Sensation Shawn Wasabi Releases Catchy Track “Burnt Rice”

December 9th, 2015

Yung Internet Sensation Shawn Wasabi Releases Catchy Track “Burnt Rice”

If you haven’t been able to get Shawn Wasabi‘s “Marble Soda” out of your head (and don’t worry, the 4 million views on the video aren’t just yours either), then good fucking luck:  he’s got a new single and video out that’ll have you refreshing your browser like you’re buying Coachella tickets.

It’s called “Burnt Rice,” and like its predecessor, comes with another hypnotizing video featuring a Midi Fighter 64. The song was a collaboration with an up-and-coming LA production crew called YDG and allegedly conceptualized over a meeting while eating Lunchables – which, really, comes as no surprise because the tune’s bubbly vibes, undoubtedly due to Yung Gemmy‘s vocals, reminds me of fifth grade lunch hour. Like, back when life wasn’t so hard and all I had to worry about was spending ten minutes on the bench because I didn’t know what page we were on in our social studies book.

Watch Wasabi’s video, and then prep yourself, because his first headline show is in two weeks at the Echo. Tickets are available here – and if you still need some more convincing (you hard-headed freak), you should definitely check out his full, live-streamed set with Mark Redito DO IT.