Spazzkid Performs “Getting to Know You” & “Goodbye” Live on Radio K!

October 21st, 2014

Spazzkid Performs “Getting to Know You” & “Goodbye” Live on Radio K!


Today, Magical Properties producer Spazzkid released a new video of his live performance for Radio K, the award-winning student-run radio station out of the University of Minnesota. The video serves as a testament that Mark Redito is not only a profound producer of electronic music but also quite a performer whose passion courses through every cell of his body.  Armed with an Akai controller and laptop, Spazzkid lays down his dreamy songs Getting to Know You and Goodbye for Radio K. Injecting his own adaptations using compression, a pad full of triggers, and his fervor for the music, Spazzkid is completely consumed with the beat and it exudes through the lens in this playful performance. Watch the ten minute set and be sure to pick up tickets to see him alongside Saint Pepsi for their show at Los Globos on November 6th!