Spazzkid Releases New “Promise” EP Remixes Part 1!

October 7th, 2014

Spazzkid Releases New “Promise” EP Remixes Part 1!


Conveniently timed, Los Angeles’ emo dance music extrodinaire Spazzkid has released his new Promise EP Remixes Part 1! The original EP dropped in July and has been wildly popular earning him a host of new fans and rightly so. He’s recruited the expertise of some of his favorite producers to flip his tracks and the result is a soaring success. Tofubeats, Go Yama, PARKGOLF, Goodnight Cody, Demicat, and Grimecraft all contribute to the remix record and uncover the versatility in Mark Redito’s music while exploring the calmer and darker sides to the songs. The new Promise EP Remixes Part 1 is available for download but you can stream it now! Spazzkid will be performing November 6th alongside Saint Pepsi so make sure you pick up tickets for this show filled with good vibes and sexy slow jams!