TOP FIVE: Spazzkid Tells Us What to Eat in LA

March 25th, 2015

TOP FIVE: Spazzkid Tells Us What to Eat in LA

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Anyone who follows Spazzkid on social media knows of his fondness for a certain fast Filipino fast food chain (cough Jollibee cough). At the last Los Angeles show he even threw some morsels into the crowd as a bonus to the already hyped up audience. Being avid food eaters ourselves we had to find out from the Chicken Lord himself what else he recommends to Angelinos looking for their next fix of delicious salty goodness. We dare you to get halfway through this list without jumping up and running to the nearest fried chicken purveyor.


spazzkid jollibee

Jollibee  Well what can I say? Everybody knows I am the Jollibee god. If you’re a first timer, I recommend the fried chicken. The burgers are aight. There’s a meal called Burger Steak (that’s very similar to a Hawaiian Loco Moco: Burger Patties over rice smothered in gravy and I believe there’s fried egg in there too), which I fux with hard.



Kouraku  Is a Japanese Diner in the middle of Little Tokyo that I feel so attached with. There are so many nights where I would stumble inside to get Katsu Curry to sober up before going home. And it always hits the spot! I recommend: Saba Dinner, Menchi Katsu Curry, Katsu Curry, Chicken Karaage.



Toe Bang – Is a Korean Pub in K-town. It’s a huge menu and I always get confused on what to get. All the food goes so well with Soju or Hite! When I’m here I’d always get the Korean Pancake (Jeon) and Spicy Ricecake Stew (Tteokbokki). Warning though, its easy to go overboard at this place.



Wolf and Crane  My favorite bar in Little Tokyo that specializes in Craft Beer and Japanese Whiskey. I come here for the happy hour (when most things become affordable). The atmosphere is intimate and friendly. I also like that the restrooms are all covered in Manga pages.


new capitol seafood restaurant spazzkid top five

Photo Credit: Eunice K. via Yelp

New Capital – A Chinese restaurant in Diamond Plaza. I always come here for the Dimsum: the selection is huge and I tend to always over order. I find myself in a food coma after. Warning: there’s always a long line (which means its good, right?)

seafood city supermarket spazzkid top five

Seafood City – Is a Filipino supermarket chain. This is where I do most of my grocery stuff. They would usually have a food court which I always go to whenever I feel too lazy to cook. Everything just tastes like home :)


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