Spazzkid Wins a Webby for His “Objects Hacked to Make Music” Video. Watch It and See Why.

April 29th, 2015

Spazzkid Wins a Webby for His “Objects Hacked to Make Music” Video. Watch It and See Why.


Remember last year when Spazzkid made a bunch of musical instruments out of sushi and cats using a Makey Makey machine?

Well, we’re excited to announce that the video did more than make us chopstick-drum the living fuck out of our California rolls; it also won a Webby under the “Experimental/Weird” category.

The Webbys, of course, are that hallowed institution that awards internet videographers for videographic wizardry. Winning a Webby is, as the New York Times puts it, “The internet’s highest honor.”

… Which is no small feat. Have you seen the internet? Have you heard of YouTube? Do you even Google and fall into 4Chan k-holes and get your banned nuclear armaments in the deep web, bro?

Other winners of Webbys this year include “Tinder” and the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” So, the that’s the level that Spazzkid’s on. The “revolutionary new app where you post photos of you on top of a mountain to seduce strangers” level. Killing it.

The video, “Objects Hacked to Make Music,” was directed by the affably-named Fourclopes, and depicts what a previous IHC writer described as a  “Frankensteinesque music experiment involving sushi, cats, plants, cameras, and chicken nuggets among other random objects.” Florid! Using a Makey Makey, and touch sensitive sensors, Spazzkid brings life all these hacked objects as soundtrack to his song Lovers off his Promise EP.

Watch it and see why it won:

When you’re done, go buy a Makey Makey and then check out the photos from Spazzkid’s recent IHC show.