Speedy Ortiz use f*cking adorable original comic to announce new album ‘Foil Deer’

February 4th, 2015

Speedy Ortiz use f*cking adorable original comic to announce new album ‘Foil Deer’


While all the other bands are announcing new records with those funny, arcane things called “words,” Northampton-based rock outfit Speedy Oritz is announcing theirs with a cutesy original comic. Called Foil Deer, it will be released by Carpark on April 21st.

Set one thousand years from now, the comic takes a literal view of the album’s name. It’s a vision of the future that details how foil deer, literal foil deer, have become a part of everything mankind knows. Foil deer in your nasal implants, foil deer in your pets. All because Speedy Ortiz made a record called ‘Foil Deer’ in 2015.

Translation: this album is going to put deer in your nose if you survive the eventual eruption of the Yellowstone Super-Volcano. Comic artist Michael DeForge is responsible for this extreme level of cutesy-ness.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:


In case you were wondering, Speedy Ortiz function as the creative channel for vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sadie Dupuis. An alum of Exploding in Sound, the New York label that focuses on nineties-inspired college/indie rock, Speedy Ortiz brought their signature Dinosaur Jr, Polvo, Breeders-esque sound to the critical mainstream with their debut album Major Arcana in 2013.

Their recently announced LP will hopefully be a continuation of the band’s exciting development, as highlighted by 2014’s Real Hair EP, which somehow reconciles their edgy influences with a distinct quiet maturity and reserve. Here’s a song off Real Hair so you can prepare yourself for the future of Speedy Oritz and foil deer-laced tap water.

Pre-order ‘Foil Deer’ here.