The Darkness Within: An Introduction to Night Sins

August 1st, 2013

The Darkness Within: An Introduction to Night Sins

Emerging from the dark depths of Philadelphia’s aging architecture and addiction to vice comes the dark wave four piece Night Sins. Established in 2010 the haunting synths and pulsing bass of Night Sins create the perfect shadowy backdrop for Kyle Kimball’s vocal droning. The sound is reminiscent of 80’s minimal synth but with a contemporary avant approach.  They’re embarking on a full U.S. Tour in September as well as having a new album and music video in the works. tumblr_meev1a1oQ21rg9du9o1_500

Night Sins New Grave LP dropped last year on Avant! Records and features 9 tracks that portray the overcast tones the permeate throughout their music, city, and lives. Reaching deep into the gloomy caverns of the mind and soul the LP beckons the notion of relishing the dark thoughts that live within us. The heavy bass line accompanies the sinister synths in their track Knife to the Sky that can be heard below. The lyrics course through the veins of the track searching for purpose in the midst of a world gone mad.

Take the dark and strobe ridden journey of a boy and girl attempting to escape the alleys and walls of endless darkness in Night Sins music video for Playing Dead. The full LP is available for purchase on Avant Records Bandcamp and be on the lookout for a new album coming out sometime later this year.

Night Sins will be joining Youth Code, Dangerous Boys Club, and Light Asylum for our show on September 28th at Los Globos for a night of industrial electronic that will clutch you mind and body! Tickets are available now so pick them up while they last.

Tickets available HERE.