The Funniest Interview with Blake Anderson of ‘Dope’

June 23rd, 2015

The Funniest Interview with Blake Anderson of ‘Dope’


Blake Anderson, large-haired star of Workaholics and Rick Famuyima‘s acclaimed new film Dope, is not only one of the funniest people currently having hair on the planet, but also our new office-mate. Given the close quarters, you bet your ass we inaugurated the new digs with by interviewing the man himself.

In it, Blake eloquently explains Dope‘s critical appeal, what you should be putting in your oral cavity while you watch it, and what it was like to be on set with A$AP Rocky, who is new at this whole ‘acting thing.’ Plus, we dug up some film clips from his past and he told us about the time he did molly during SLEEP. What more could you ask for?

A decade-old video of him putting on an elaborate skit where he wrestles a magician?

You got it, babe.

Dope is gaining huge critical acclaim right now. What about the film do you think appeals to so much to people, and how much of that has to do with you saying the line “You gotta go black market, homie?” I think people are responding because the movie feels fresh. Dope really focuses on the internet generation and a lot of time that can come across pretty corny on film but I think this movie actually feels real and relevant.

What feels do you want people to feel when they see you in Dope? I won’t tell anybody how to feel but I will tell you what I want you to buy at the concession stand … Sour Patch Kids and Buncha Crunch … those are essential for this film.

In the trailer of Dope, you come miiighty close to dropping an N-bomb before you get slapped. How many times did you actually let it slip when filming that scene, or what was your strategy for getting the slap timing right? You can never catch me slippin’ bruh.

In the movie, you play someone near high-school age with a certain amount of MDMA-mediated street smarts. What were you like in high school? Was there anyone in your pubescent life that mimics your character in Dope? In high school I was pretty low-key. Pretty much had a solid dude crew bout seven deep. We liked to film shit, drink beer, and ride scooters down hills. I didn’t meet any E-Tards till I moved to the OC :-P

Speaking of E-Tards, have you ever done molly? Yes. By myself at FYF. During SLEEP. It was very loud and very awesome.

Holy god, so you tune in, drop up, zone out or whatever the fuck that saying is … As someone who’s played a drug dealer what do you think the next drug to be to undergo legalization efforts after weed is? Adrenaline glads from cows?

No thanks, I’m driving. What was the most surprising part of filming with A$AP Rocky? Was he a gentle sweetheart, was he super faded, was it one of those “wow, I guess celebrities are just like us after all” things? I didn’t film any scenes with him but I got to kick it with him at Sundance and he was super cool. I didn’t know what to expect but he was like “Yo you wanna go smoke?” and I was like “rap life.”

How was your time in Inglewood? See any wild shit go down, did you feel remarkably at home, or what? Inglewood is always up to no good.

Dope was super well-received, as is Workaholics and pretty much everything you touch, but do you have any stories about a time you put something out there and it didn’t do so hot? Looking for life inspiration. If you could get a hold of some of my audition tape …. wowzers. I don’t audition very well let’s just say that. Shit is stressful.

Okay, I couldn’t find a real audition tape, but I found this which is equally important:

Due to certain hair style choices that you’ve made thus far in your career, you’re basically immediately recognizable. Do you miss anonymity, and do you ever consider cutting the hair, moving to South America, and pursuing the simple life of a farmer? Yes. Always, but there is time for anonymity. I just try to enjoy it while I can cause someday I’m gonna wish people would recognize me again I’m sure.

Your clothing company, Bored Teenager, is muy, muy ’90s. What are some bands/ artists that inspired that look? What’s the absolute worst ’90s alt-rock song? All Alice in Chains All the time! TEENAGE is very heroine chic.

What do you ideally picture someone doing while wearing a Teenager shirt? Going to space.

What was your go-to ’90s cartoon? Doug, Rocko, Beast Wars.

Do you still have any of the videos you used to film when you were a teen? Can we see? I think there are some episodes of the hardcore wrestling show me and my homies use to make for public access. HCW Live, it was called. Google it, maybe you’ll find something.

Yup, found it:

Are you scared to share a building with us? I’M EXCITED!

Check out Blake in Dope, which is in theaters right now as I type this, and visit the Bored Teenager site to deck yourself out in pubescent heroin rave gear. “Don’t hesitate to mutate your wardrobe,” is their slogan, so pretty sure it’s legit.