The 5 Most Absurd Major Lazer Music Videos + Mad Decent Block Party Playlist

September 17th, 2015

The 5 Most Absurd Major Lazer Music Videos + Mad Decent Block Party Playlist

The Most Absurd Major Lazer Music Videos + Mad Decent Block Party Playlist

Major Lazer is headlining this weekend’s Mad Decent Block Party in Los Angeles, and because seeing them in concert is almost too exciting of a concept to entertain for my pea-brain, I’ve decided to prepare my person for the experience by categorizing and ranking their most certifiably ridiculous music videos (which, believe me, is no simple task.)  If you’ve followed illustrator Ferry Gouw’s colorfully absurd Lazer visuals in the past, you know how crucial they are in complementing Diplo’s influential world music side-show.  For the record, these videos are NSFW, in the strangest ways possible.

I’ve also made you a meticulously curated Mad Decent playlist featuring hits from this weekend’s performers, for the sole purpose of activating your adrenal glands about it. You can find at the bottom of the page. I love you too.

1. “Pon De Floor”

The song (and music video) that inspired the daggering movement in the U.S., thanks to former group member Skerrit Bwoy’s stunts.  “Pon De Floor” is probably the most legendary of Major Lazer tunes, and it’s still a fan favorite today.  In this clip, we get the impression Diplo threw an Adult Swim house party that eventually gives way to an orgy just before the whole place is destroyed by a bomb.  If you’re a fan of Eric Wareheim, who directed the video, the plot makes total sense.

2. “Scare Me (feat. Peaches & Timberlee)”

Ever wondered what the animated Major Lazer would look like in human form?  For the “Scare Me” music video from Free The Universe, the crew enlisted actor Terry Crews for the role of the major.  A terror-lazer has fallen into the hands of a rotten war lord, (which is soooo like the rotten war lords to do), so the government has recruited Major Lazer to join the Cinco Force to get it back.  Oh, Blake Anderson and Nick Kroll are in it too!

3. “Original Don”

Probably Major Lazer’s greatest music video as well, the visuals for “Original Don” were inspired by a viral video starring the same sword-swinging American family you see above.  This one’s kind of hard to explain … maybe you should just watch it and decide for yourself what’s going on here.  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.  (Bonus features: Diplo makes a cameo and a dog almost gets decapitated at 2:15.)

4. “Powerful” (feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley)

This cut off of the latest album, Peace Is The Mission, is basically a vehicle for Ellie Goulding‘s vocal chops — but that doesn’t mean its music video should be left off the list.  Picture this: you’re sitting in a crowded diner one evening when you look up and — wouldn’t you know it?  You see Ellie Goulding dining alone.  “Strange,” you think to yourself, “She’s a weirdo, but what the hell is she doing with that cup of coffee?”

She’s making it shake, telekinetically.

Yep, Ellie is psychic alright.  But before you can manage to pull your phone out of your tight pants pockets to capture the moment for Snapchat, the “Lights” singer is already at the front of the restaurant, fucking shit up with her mind, just to see the world burn.  After she tortures the nice waitress (she works for tips!) she turns her back on the rest, leaving you and the rest of the truck-stop diners for dead.  What a bitch.

5. “Keep It Goin’ Louder”

This one has a special place in my heart, as it was the first time I bore witness to His lazer.  The euphoric, bat-shit nature of the video is the perfect introduction to the vibe Diplo routinely goes for with Major Lazer’s genre-blending, international music experiment.

Seriously, this is some next-level video content: plus-sized, tiny-faced divas on pocket rockets, and … are they inside the internet, or something?  I watch this music video at least twice a month, and I still have no idea what’s happening.  And, yes, Eric Wareheim directed this one too — he’s really the only person who should direct music videos at this point, anyway.

Don’t miss Major Lazer at LA’s Mad Decent Block Party, this weekend, the 19th and 20th.  If you can’t make it, stream it!  Both days will be live-streamed at Redbull.TV.  Featured artists include CL, Diplo, T-Pain, Neo Fresco and more.  Check below for a necessary Mad Decent Party Performer Playlist, as promised.