THRILLERS’ “Lipstick On the Mirror” Video Just Nails ’80s Romance

August 19th, 2015

THRILLERS’ “Lipstick On the Mirror” Video Just Nails ’80s Romance

thrillers lipstick on the mirror music video

Today is a good day, because today is the day we get to show you a new music video from our favorite seven-foot-tall-model-brothers-who-look-like-Blade-extras, THRILLERS.

#Funktronica is the word synth-pop duo THRILLERS choose to describe their sound — at least they do when describing their debut EP, Cotton Candy Kisses. For all its pulsing and glory, the record truly has the energy to propel a rocket straight to the moon, where the thing sounds like it was made.

Same goes for their new single, “Lipstick On The Mirror,” a static-soaked ode to the new-wave/synth-pop scene of the early ’80s.  The boys’ vocals have a certain pain about them that suggest years of being stood up at dances.

We all know how that goes — caught, completely deserted in the center of the dance floor.  As the DJs tempo slows to a creep and the lights begin to dim, you realize you’ve got no partner.  You don’t know what to do, so you just awkwardly bounce around from couple to couple, looking for a familiar face.  You see one of your friends, point and laugh at him, before remembering that it’s you, not your pal who’s just waiting for his hoe to come back from the bathroom, that deserves to be mocked. Not even your Spanish teacher will dance with you!

THRILLERS Share New Video To Remind You Of Your Blunder Years

You and your friends by the punch bowl.

The song perfectly mimics the desperation of that realization, and the video backs it up with enough smoke machine action to one-up any school dance. Also included in the video, is a philandering fuckgirl who BREAKS UP WITH THEM BOTH (BOTH the Blade brothers) via a lipstick note on a mirror, which is heartbreaking to all involved. These are not men you leave behind with a makeup message, these are men you see in Old Spice ads, and they deserve some respect. Looking at you, video girl.

Anyway, enough ranting. Take a look at the video and download link below, but do us a favor and turn your phone off before you do. This song is too sexy and nostalgic for you to have readily available access to your ex’s phone number.

“Lipstick On The Mirror” MP3 [via SoundCloud].

Cotton Candy Kisses is out now on TASTE Recordings, and is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Tour dates are planned in support of Cotton Candy Kisses. THRILLERS’ next show will be September 14th at Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles, CA.