Top 5: Astronomar’s Favorite LA Snacks

September 3rd, 2015

Top 5: Astronomar’s Favorite LA Snacks

Astronomar Digs In To His Favorite Los Angeles Snack/Song Combos

photo by Inua Blevins

Are you planning a trip to Los Angeles?  If so, there are a couple of things you should know about the place.  1) The weather is amazing, always.  2) If you root for the Lakers, you’re on the bandwagon, and if you say you’re a Clippers fan, you’re a liar.  3) There are a MULTITUDE of places to eat.

That last one can get a bit tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the territory.  I’m from South Carolina, so the first time I visited, I was in a bit of a culture shock (Seriously, what the fuck is kimchi?).

But, shucks, y’all ain’t gonna take my country/backwoods word for it is you?  Here’s LA’s own Astronomar to give you a native’s perspective on where to eat, and what to play from your headphones while you eat the only way the City of Angels knows how: alone.

Why Astronomar? The man’s got a record label called Main Course and an EP series called SNACKS, so … dude knows what he’s talking about.

1. Best Fish Tacos In Ensenada / “Earth Tones” by Astronomar

I love the earth … the earth is like, 70% water. .. Fish live in the water, so it’s only appropriate I pair my track “Earth Tones” with Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada.

I’ve powered through many hangovers at this place.

2. DeSano Pizza Bakery / “Stretch Out” by Streetclothes & Brick Lincoln

I paired these for a few reasons. Firstly Desano Pizza Bakery is probably the closest thing to authentic Italian pizza that I’ve found in LA (it even gets Bot’s Italian seal of approval). Secondly, my good buddy Sage Caswell hipped me to this joint. And thirdly, this track is co-produced by the illusive Brick Lincoln, and they “Stretch Out” the dough made of imported Italian flour and use brick ovens to bake their pies at this place. It all just makes sense.

3. Cafe Tropicale / “Robutt” by Herve Pagez

The song is “Robutt” and the punch of Cafe Tropicale’s Cuban iced coffee is ROBUST. One time I killed one of these joints in like three minutes and literally thought I was gonna have a heart attack. This song is the soundtrack to me bouncing off the walls.

4. Myung In Dumplings / “Warehouse” by Kid Kamillion & Jesse Slayter

Main Course‘s Professor X aka ASAP Yelp aka Neoteric introduced me to this spot. Everything at Myung In Dumplings is amazing. The corresponding track, “Warehouse,” samples a vocal that says “supersonic,” and aptly so — the dumplings here are super delish … Don’t be pokin’ holes now!

5. Pho So 1 / “Sea Breeze” by Astronomar & Bot

Most people tout Pho 87 as their favorite pho spot … but I live in the SFV (San Fernando Valley), so my nearest and realest option is Pho So 1.  It’s definitely my favorite in LA, so it only makes sense to pair it with of my favorite of my own tracks, “Sea Breeze,” which is also a collab with my good friend/Main Course cooperative, Bot.

You can come see Astronomar live and in person in all his foodie glory Friday, September 4th at ClubIHC where he’ll be playing alongside Stooki Sound, Promnite and VenessaMichaels.