December 23rd, 2015

This past year was a crazy one for IHC with tons of great events and big changes happening.

We started the year with an idea of where we were going and ended up in a completely different, unexpected place. Along the way we had some great adventures, most bigger than anything we’d ever done before.

Concurrently, the shape of who we are completely changed. In 2015 IHC welcomed a new staff, a new office and a whole new way of doing business …

Here are some of the most impactful moments throughout that time (in no particular order) …

1. APW 2015


SXSW 2015 heralded the return of Austin Party Weekend for the fourth year in a row. This year, it was our biggest on yet; we took over two venues for four days and nights and hosted 14 amazing showcases along the way. Our label partners expanded to include Mad Decent, Fool’s Gold, OWSLA, PC Music, Stones Throw, Monstercat, IAMSOUND, Ryan Hemsworth’s label Secret Songs, Biz 3, Neon Gold, Check Yo Ponytail, Dim Mak, Nina Las Vegas Presents, Ham on Everything and of course, IHEARTCOMIX.

2. The End of Shows


Yes, you read that right. While shows are what IHC is best known for, you probably didn’t notice that we slowly phased out of being straight-up promoters in 2015. It was a big choice for us, but as the scope of what IHC does changes and expands, it began to make sense that spending time trying to sell tickets wasn’t the best thing to do anymore. The landscape of both what we do and LA has evolved to focus more on our editorial and marketing arms, but don’t worry, we will still be doing plenty of events …



2015 saw the expansion of our digital singles record label, IHC 1NFINITY! We released three awesome singles by Pictureplane, Gavin Turek and Mark Redito (fka Spazzkid), along with great remixes by TOKiMONSTA, starRo, Luca Lush, JSTJR, Dark0 and Jerome LOL.

Adding to the mix, we dropped two new videos (so far) that expand the IHC 1NFINITY shared video universe. Check ’em out:

4. Converse + IHC Sample Pack


During SXSW, Converse recruited IHC alums Pictueplane, Mark Redito, Gavin Turek, Heems and Franki Chan to record two brand new songs and release all the sounds made as a sample package. What resulted was over 200 submissions from around the world of producers utilizing these sounds to create original tracks for prize money. You can hear the submissions HERE or get the samples for yourself HERE.

5. New Office


For the first time ever in IHC history, we got our very own office! For the first 12 years of the business, we worked out of Franki Chan’s home, but now we are on our own with our own space. Pretty damn cool! Even cooler, we get to share on office with our mates at TEENAGE/Hot Lava!

6. Sundance NEXT FEST


For the second year in a row, Sundance enlisted IHC to come on board as part of their mini film and music festival in Los Angeles at the Ace Theater called NEXT FEST. IHC was tasked with the job of curating the music, running production and handling the music media for the event. It was an honor to work with Sundance again, especially considering that job included working with artists such as Toro Y Moi, Neon Indian, Sky Ferreria and Sharon Van Etten!

7. Rave Parking Lot


A few months ago we released our long buried mini-doc, Rave Parking Lot, to a bunch of hoopla and controversy and swiftly removed it from online due to pressures from folks we didn’t mean to harm. All that being said, we were STOKED that the world finally got to see it ever so briefly and it was rad to see how much momentum it got so quick. The fact that VICE premiered it got our hearts all fluttering.

While this version may be shelved for now, I wouldn’t expect a sequel to be too far behind. Missed it? Here’s a taste …

8. Wilson Lot



One of the perks of our new office space was that it came with a kick ass 1,200 capacity parking lot! Since moving in, IHC has taken over the space as landlord and began producing events, activations and film shoots. Thus far we’ve thrown a huge Colt 45/Ham on Everything event with Juicy J, shot a music video for One Direction and produced a client summit for our neighbors at Guvera!


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.04.49 AM

In 2015 the creative agency side of IHEARTCOMIX, IHC4HIRE, really began to shine as it competed head-to-head internally with everything else we’ve ever done. The emergence and success of our agency has afforded us the ability to have our sweet, new office and awesome, new employees as well as set us up to be able to provide you with more great content and events in the future. Some of our best clients this year included A-OK Collective, Jukely, Sundance, Adult Swim, Guvera, FADER, Colt 45, Revolve, Vans, New Balance, PHHHOTO and Ninjatune!

10. Ninjatune 25


Sometime in 2015 Ninjatune reached out to us to help them organize their 25th anniversary event in LA. We were stoked to take on the honor and spent the next handful of months planning what was meant to be an epic, all night (and legal) warehouse party. Unfortunately circumstances with our planned venue didn’t fall our way and days before the show were forced to change venues, which we somehow accomplished. Moving 1,500 people to the Globe Theater and adding an additional secret after-hours in the mix was no small feat, but we pulled it off and Bonobo, Jon Hopkins and crew all played amazing sets. This was definitely a big and proud moment for us in the year.

11. Miami HQ


Directly following our four day run at SXSW, we followed that up with a six day (seven shows) run in Miami for Ultra! Taking over the Rec Room at the Gale Hotel and partnering w Jukely and Embrace, we had several nights of free parties laced with insanity. Hosted by OWSLA, Mad Decent, Zeds Dead, Night Bass and Club IHC, we certainly got down. Then to top it off, we threw the Boys Noize Records 10 Year Anniversary at Gramps!

12. VHS at Nite / Club IHC / CYP


While 2015 did spell the end of ongoing IHC ticketed events for now, these didn’t go out without a bang. VHS AT NIGHT, our movie night with Mack Sennett Studios, CLUB IHC, our monthly dance night and CHECK YO PONYTAIL, our longest on-again, off-again ongoing series, all had moments to shine throughout the year. These heavily branded event series are some of our proudest properties and we look forward to showing you what we can do with that same energy and skill, but pointed at things the whole world can experience.

13. Coachella @ the Saguaro Hotel


Teaming up with our good buddies at A-OK Collective and Jukely, we took over the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs during Coachella during the second weekend for a two day event called Casa Del Sol. The daytime pool parties included days hosted by Fool’s Gold Records and Check Yo Ponytail.

14. Content Focus

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.47.06 PM

A large part of the future of IHEARTCOMIX is our content. This past year will be the year we found our voice. We are the glue that exists between music and pop/geek culture and we reveled in expressing our inner most interests finally. We were able to get creative, show our humor and stamp our opinion on the world. It was a year of experimentation setting the stage for much, much bigger things to come.

15. Mark Redito Live Stream Event


Continuing on with the content, we threw a rad live stream event as the release for our latest artist on IHC 1NFINITY, Mark Redito! The event featured performances from Mark, Giraffage, Pomo, Shawn Wasabi, Luca Lush, Meishi Smile and tons more. The event live streamed on Twitch and got thousands of views. The cool thing about it? You can expect a lot more of this from IHC in 2016 …

16. In the Cloud w/ Kitty

A huge part of 2015 was the focus on original content and one of those stand outs was In the Cloud with Kitty‘! World famous personality Kitty took center stage on IHC with her own, original video series. She stood on the red carpet for the premiere of Ant-Man, interviewed PPL MVR on the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards, went toe-to-toe with Dan Deacon, educated the world on how to win at Kickstarter and found love in the form of Grumpy Cat at Stan Lee’s Comikaze (where she also met Rob Liefeld)! We can’t wait for more In the Cloud for 2016!

17. H09909 / LOLAWOLF Shows



Along the way in 2015 we got to set up a couple special, free events for some of our favorite current artists: H09909 and LOLAWOLF. Falling right in line with what makes an excellent IHC experience, both shows were wild with plenty of surprises. Both A-Trak and Mija showed up to support LOLAWOLF and H09909 brought a whole insane amount of production, making both of these stand out moments for the year!

18. Flaunt Comics


One of the COOLEST things to happen in 2015 was the first ever IHEARTCOMIX comic books! YES, this actually happened! FLAUNT Magazine offered us the raddest opportunity of taking over a whole section of their magazine to curate our first solo adventures! We enlisted our pals Nick Gazin, Robert Goodin, Jesus Rivera and Grumpy Cat to join in! Plus, IHC creator Franki Chan, made his first comic in 10 years for the occasion!

19. IHC After Dark


The after-hours nightlife scene played a big role for us in 2015. It became the savior against the ever-difficult Los Angeles promoter market and gave us the flexibility to keep IHC vibes alive. Whether is was rocking with Ryan Hemsworth, going till 6 a.m. with Bonobo and Leon Vynehall, high energy vibes with Rustie, a Star Wars-themed cosplay party with Dan Deacon, our annual Grammy party or just plain gettin’ busy with the bros from Ham on Everything, we partied super hard this year.

20. New Staff


And finally the biggest change for IHC in 2015? All the new people! Our family grew exponentially this year as our skill set evolved and we created more room with the new office. So many amazing people joined the team this year. This wasn’t even the best photo of all of em, it’s just the closest we could find! Say hello to the new team:

Franki Chan: Owner & Creative Director

Joanna Farrah: Social Media & Marketing

Isabelle Kohn: Website Editor

Jacob Cooper: Web Developer

Jesus Rivera: Designer & Filmmaker

Shannon Cornett: Events Coordinator

Jacqueline Wongso: Events & Social Media Assistant

Andrew McClymont: Production & Engineer

Edward Do: Production

Kitty: In The Coud with Kitty

Steve Lynn: Production & Video

Jennica Abrams: Photos

Michael Melwani: Photos

Zonders: Design

Jeremy Burke: Social Media

Miles Raymer: Editorial

Inge Colson: PR

IHC 1NFINITY Artists: Chela, Pictureplane, Gavin Turek, Mark Redito and their teams!

Extra special THANKS to all of our interns and additional folks who have helped us through the year! Also, Thank you to Conrad Loebl who left the fold this year, but contributed to the top half of 2015!