IHEARTCOMIX Top Singles & Remixes of 2015

December 10th, 2015

IHEARTCOMIX Top Singles & Remixes of 2015

When initially setting out to compile a “Best of” list, my chest pounded like the bass on a clubroom floor after two too many drinks. Excitement dominated my mind as I opened tab after tab of what I’ve considered the greatest hits over the year. For hours I was in bliss, relistening to what made me sing in the shower, reliving solo night rides down the freeway.

Then came the hard part. The necessary evil. The task of pruning the top collective hits uncovered. Each track that I’ve spent dissecting, loving, leaning back and absorbing — unceremoniously cut like myself from middle school basketball. Our picks don’t find themselves limited to any single genre, and aren’t necessarily beholden to any ‘most-played’ lists. This isn’t a popularity contest. This is all about the music.

In no particular order, below is a collection of the greatest tracks of the year, both remixed and untouched, that find themselves consistent with our tastes at IHEARTCOMIX.

What do you think? Did we miss any kick-ass tracks?

*Here’s a Spotifty playlist of 2015’s greatest tunes so you can jam out on the way to Denny’s after a late, regret-filled night.

Only listen to music on YouTube? We’ve got you covered.