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May 31st, 2017

May 30th, 11:00 pm. Nervous laughter fills my ears over the phone: “I just…did it, the store is closed. I’m crazy huh.” After two successful years, my brother last night suddenly decided to shut down his skate shop. All that’s left is a vague Instagram post depicting the room stripped down. I called him today at 8:00 am, his voice filled with anxious excitement, “I got invited to go to Michigan tomorrow, I’m probably going. After, I’m going to Portland. Our aunt invited me.”

I did what any little brother would do: drop everything and support him in his existential crisis aka I’m going to Portland next weekend! Whether you’re going through unsettling changes in life or taking advantage of your anxious sibling’s irrational decision making, here are some tunes to fit the mood.

1. Daphni – “Face to Face”:

“Face to Face” is an exciting addition to Daphni’s discography: random volume automation, quick reverb effects, abrupt instrumentation changes, and laugh samples. You really don’t know what to expect as the song progresses.

2. Washed Out – “Get Lost”:

Out of the shadows since 2013’s Paracosm, Washed Out just dropped “Get Lost.” This track is funky, easy to listen to, yet oddly unsettling. Furthermore, the track was released via Stone Throws instead of the usual Sub Pop Records. The accompanying music video is a fantastic addition to this song of the summer contender.

3. Touch Sensitive – “Lay Down”:

Michael Di Francesco of Touch Sensitive usually takes 2-3 years to release a new project. This time he waited 4 years before releasing “Lay Down.” It was definitely worth the wait. This synth pad, marimba accompanied slow jam is arguably his best work. From “Pizza Guy” in 2013, there is a clear sense of artistic growth with this track.

4. The Drums – “Head of the Horse”:

The Drums, kings of teen angst, released the final single for their newest album, Abysmal Thoughts, to be released on June 16th. “Head of the Horse” is like the saddest song they have ever released; i’m not even the one going through the crisis but I’m ready to cry with my brother. The song explores the pain lead vocalist Johnny Pierce experienced growing up; however, this is quintessential Drums and I love it.

5. Babeheaven – “It’s Not Easy”:

Thank you, Apple for curating music based on my listening history because I would not have come across this masterpiece without you. “It’s Not Easy” by Babeheaven is soft in tone, warm in emotion. Although we may beat ourselves up on not reaching our goals, it’s always best to acknowledge all the hard work that came before it.

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