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Tracks of the Week: Dancing Required – IHEARTCOMIX Tracks of the Week: Dancing Required – IHEARTCOMIX
September 21st, 2017


1. Giraffage ft. Japanese Breakfast – “Maybes”:

If you’ve never heard a song that launched your consciousness into another dimension of time and space, this will remedy that. Giraffage and Japanese Breakfast serve up a track whose sick drop and zanny visuals will literally suck you into a vortex of flashing lights. The hype is too real, be careful not to lose your mind. – KW


2. Morrissey – “Spent The Day In Bed”:

Same Morrissey, same. – CC


3. Whipped Cream – “Selfish”:

Whipped Cream released her debut EP “Persistance” featuring this hypnotic song “Selfish.” -CC




4. Taichi Mukai – “Fly”:

An upbeat and soulful tune, “Fly” is Mukai’s newest single off his album Play. Following the success of his last EP 24 and past collaborations with Japanese artists like starRo and JiNeous, the 25-year-old artist and fashion writer has catapulted himself into a world of sweet funk with this track. Resistance is futile and dancing required.


5. Doom Ft Kool Keith – “Notebook 06”:

This is a track from a series of songs from Doom’s Notebook, this one is Notebook 06. – CC


6. Sure Sure – “Hands Up Head Down”:

It could be the contagious groove of the bassline or chill dance beat, but a stupid smile stretched across my face when I found this gem. A bonus is the cover art, created by Zach Bell who has designed covers for artists like Marian Hill, Johan and Goldwash. This song needs to be playing in your car, shower, at your funeral. It’s that good.